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Support Nevus New Zealand so we can support others.

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We live in Auckland with our 3 children. Our 3 year old daughter Olive, was born in 2012 with a rare skin condition called Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus. It affects 1 in 500,000. She has a giant nevus, or birthmark which covers almost the entirety of her back, and wraps around her front, as well as over 100 smaller ones, called satellites. (please click on gallery to view a photo of Olive's nevus. Hers is known as a bathing trunk nevus because of the region in which it is distributed. CMN can present on any part of the body).

People with CMN have an increased risk of melanoma, as well as other complications. Being so rare, a lot of doctors haven't even heard of it, let alone seen it, so in New Zealand there is not a lot of support and information.

We've managed to reach a good number of people with CMN in New Zealand and hope to reach even more!

My goal is to establish a registered NZ charity to provide support and information to CMN patients and their families. We'd like to run a regular conference for members, for them to benefit from the most current research and findings, and from the social aspect of being in an environment with people who are traveling a similar journey.

We need your support to fund this. We need ongoing financial backing and support to bring these goals to fruition. There are costs involved initially to get bring our goals to fruition (ie. overheads, legal fees, printing costs for pamphlets etc) and then there are the costs of running the conferences.

All funds raised will be going directly to benefit Nevus New Zealand.

Thank you all for your support, it is truly amazing!

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Kizzie Neale


As my daughter was born with a giant congenital melanocytic nevus, this condition is close to my heart. I want other parents to have the support we didn't have here, and I want my daughter and her CMN friends to never have to feel alone.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Kizzie Neale.

  • $440.00 donated
  • 8 generous donors

$440 donated

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