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Ngati Paoa Trust Board - Putiki Bay Legal

  • Environment Court Action     19 July 2021
    Posted by: Ngati Paoa Trust Board

    Today the Ngati Paoa Trust Board and supporters were back in the Environment Court questioning the developers inadequate korara management plan to try and gain a construction “ Stop Work ” order.

    Ngati Paoa is seeking a construction “ Stop Work ” order to protect the korara from being exterminated by the actions of the developers around and in their natural habitat of Kennedy Point.

    Ngati Paoa as an iwi has a genuine desire to preserve the peaceful cultural sanctuary that Kennedy Point is, and It’s very sad that the developers and Protect Putiki see Kennedy Point as a financial opportunity for different reasons.

    For clarity Protect Putiki has not contributed financially towards the legal costs of Ngati Paoa, and the use of social media to self promote and receive donations is totally unacceptable to the Trust Board.

    The Ngati Paoa Trust Board does not condone the deceitful financial opportunity being exploited for self interest while claiming to Protect Putiki.

    The Ngati Paoa occupation is a peaceful protest on the beach, and the generosity, meals and support the community of Waiheke has given to our kaitiaki has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated.

    We are beholding to and very humbled by the community of Waiheke Island and proud to stand alongside you.


    Nga mihi

    Danella Roebeck

    Co chair

    Ngati Paoa Trust Board

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