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Nicky's 15KM Race

  • A note from Nicky

      17 January 2024
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    The walk was my big challenge since leaving the Army – both physically and mentally. Physically, I have not walked that distance since I took my discharge, and I was recovering from a knee injury that saw me lose 11 weeks of vital training. Mentally – I lost my dad in December so again, a disruption to my training and being in that grief cycle made it challenging. The first 6.5 km is straight up the Port Hills from Gebbes Pass along the summit road – an elevation of 437 metres. Up to the 10 km mark was still undulating – but not as bad as the first part of the walk, and they as they say – what goes up must go down! And to add to the mix it was a good Canterbury Nor’Wester – approximately 30 degrees. My section of the race started at 11 am so walking in the heat of the day! The race ended up being 16.5 km (according to my strava app) so once the 15 km ticked that last 1.5 km was hard, very very mentally hard! And now that I have finished it and slightly recovered – what a massive achievement for me. I am proud to have raised a small amount and raise the profile for Te Kiwi Māia. I had my younger (and fitter) sister join me on this walk and she is ex navy. I was wearing a Defence Force T’Shirt that showed the logo’s for all three services and Police. Some spectators did ask about the top so I explained that I was using the walk to raise the profile and hopefully funds for Te Kiwi Māia. Now to reset and think of my challenges for 2024!

    Thank you for your support.

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