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Nikita needs your help a.s.a.p

Closed Cause page created in the Animals category by Julian Symons for Christine Kidd

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Given by 7 generous donors in around 6 months

Nikita needs medical help so she can continue her role as a companion,service dog.

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I have had Nikita since the age of 8weeks,she is now 6years old, She is so gentle,LOVES the elderly & LOVES all children,I have 2 brain tumors also had a stroke & serious car accident,in which i am waiting for hip/knee replacements,Also i am waiting for a heart valve replacement,After my stroke,i couldn't function,Nikita is my companion/service dog & only because of her,i am still here, She gives me a reason for getting out of bed, I live alone & struggle to make ends meet, I just found out from the vet,Nikita needs 3 knee replacements at $3500 each,she is in so much pain,on alot of medications,1 knee she just had tore her ligaments & that knee needs replacing asap,I am begging anyone out there to help Nikita,When i am in pain,because of all my numerous injuries from the car accident,Nikita knows & tries & help me get up of the couch,as i am on crutches, I can not bear the thought of having to put Nikita down & for her not to be in my life,The vet said,with all 3 knee replacements,Nikita would have a normal healthy life & at least another 7 years to live, Please Please can someone find it in their heart to help Nikita, I could not go on in life without her help,

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Veterinary surgery is quoted at $3500 per knee,

Latest update

Post surgery update  2 May 2020

Posted by: Julian Symons

Nikita is now recovering well after her first surgery. She had a major setback with a post op infection that was a

close run thing. Almost a month on antibiotics and painkillers has seen her recover from that and she is now getting a little exercise. Vet bills are piling up but fortunately they are taking installments.

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Latest donations

Violeta on 29 Jul 2020
Marcia on 24 Feb 2020
Wishing Nikita all the best xxx
Julian Symons

Thank you so much.

Julian Symons
Karen Murphy
Karen Murphy on 12 Feb 2020
All the best for you both
Julian Symons

Thank you so much.

Julian Symons
Jo Greenslade
Jo Greenslade on 08 Feb 2020
Good luck getting help for Nikita
Julian Symons

Thank you so much.

Julian Symons
Alice on 07 Feb 2020
Julian Symons

Thank you so much.

Julian Symons

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