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Please help Nikki Williams raise funds for her cancer treatment

  • Medical Update     21 October 2018
    Posted by: Elizabeth Corbett
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    Mid September I became so unwell and ended up in the emergency department. I experienced abdominal pain/ cramps, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. After some test were completed the doctors confirmed that the source was an infection so antibiotic was started straight away. However a few abnormalities was also found which made my heart break. A tumor was found on my bowels and are booked for surgery on Tuesday Oct 23rd. A lung x-ray showed that the cancer has spread to my lungs. I have been referred back to oncology again and awaiting an appointment. I will keep this page updated :-)

    Thanks in advance for your kind donations and support.

    Nikki Williams

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  • We're raising funds for new treatment!     4 September 2018
    Posted by: Elizabeth Corbett
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    Personal message from Nikki:

    Hi everyone.

    We, as a family just want to say "Thank you" for all your generous donations.

    In October 2017, I had life-extending surgery "peritonectomy" in Sydney and my hospital stay was much longer then planned, due to complications.

    In December 2017, with my discharge, the surgeon recommended further chemotherapy when I arrived back in New Zealand.

    Unfortunately there just wasn't any options, after multiple second opinions.

    With my CT scan in May 2018, changes were picked up and my blood results also came back as abnormal. In June 2018, I started looking into alternative therapies as there weren't any clinical trials available.

    The alternative therapies I am exploring are: IV vitamin C, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as well getting nutritional input.

    Please feel free to follow and share my journey on Facebook @nikki'sjourney.

    As a mom, I am asking for your support towards these therapies, in order to be here much longer for my family.

    Thank you, Nikki Williams

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  • Goal Update     18 August 2017
    Posted by: Elizabeth Corbett
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    Hi everyone, this is just a note to let you know that we've found out the amount required for Nikki's treatment in Australia is $140, that is the goal we are working towards! Thank you to everyone who has already donated and shared the page.

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