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#Nz4Nepal - Updates - Givealittle

  • Candlelight Vigil     29 April 2015

    Despite the stall at Westfield Riccarton currently being on hold until Friday, the effort towards raising money for the victims have continued. The Give a Little link is fast approaching $30,000 thanks to the current 407 generous donors. Other stalls have also even increased in funds raised from the past few days.

    In addition to the current fundraising efforts, there will also be a solidarity event this Friday to make a statement standing together for those in Nepal. As there are many locals that have a strong connection to Nepal, the past week has proved to be difficult. Christchurch City Council has given their full support in helping aid the victims:

    "There will also be an opportunity for Christchurch residents to stand side-by-side in solidarity with our local Nepalese community who are holding a candlelight vigil on Friday 1 May at 6.30pm in Victoria Square." - Christchurch City Council

    We encourage you to attend and continue the generous support that has already been shown.

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  • Day 2: The support grows     28 April 2015
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    Day 2 of fundraising has come off very strong. On top of the online Give a Little link and the stall at Westfield Riccarton, we have added two more donation stalls for the week!

    The Give a Little link has now had over 200 generous donors with more than $12,000 raised! The continued support has driven the team to reach out to more people in the community.

    As a way of broadening our connection with the community, a donation box at University of Canterbury and Bush Inn Centre has been established. This has seen many more supporters. These will be here for the rest of the week.

    As always, thank you for everyone that has contributed in any way.


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  • The Message Spreads     27 April 2015

    Day 1 of fundraising is almost coming to a close and it feels as though we have already come a long way! The current Give a Little page is approaching 100 generous donors and already has over $5500. This excludes the money collected from the mall and direct bank transfers. All of this is thanks to your constant support – please continue to spread the word.

    Our efforts also have not gone unnoticed. As the nation tuned into TV3 at 6pm, 3 News held a thorough coverage of the devastating situation in Nepal while touching on our campaign. Visit the 3 News link (on the facebook page) to see the video.

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  • Day 1 kicks off!     27 April 2015
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    Welcome to the beginning of our fundraiser! Having only organised this yesterday, the enthusiastic local community has been prompt in starting the stall at Westfield Riccarton.

    Many were working hard towards this cause late last night but have managed to continue their efforts towards helping the victims in Nepal with an early start! Please join the team and donate generously, they will be here all week.

    Our Give a Little page is also booming, with more that 50 generous donors helping raise over $3500 in less than 24 hours! Thank you for your support and please continue to share our message.

    In addition to this, 3 News will be airing their coverage of our cause tonight. Stay tuned and join the nation at 6pm on TV3.

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