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Let's join forces to support Steve and Amanda!

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Cancer In Need Treatment

In May 2014 Steven Blake and Amanda Barry were married on a stunning autumn day in Matakana, surrounded by their family and friends.

Leading up to the wedding they discovered that Steve had a melanoma tumour on his back, needing immediate attention. The tumour was removed merely one month before the wedding. Steve being Steve, he bravely powered on.

Six months on, after a visit to the doctor for a common winter cold and a referral for further tests, Steve and Amanda have been given news that the cancer has spread to other parts of Steve's body.

Steve has met with the Oncologist and everything is progressing well and on track for Steve since starting the Dabrafenib/Trametinib treatment. However, Steve and Amanda were advised earlier on in the piece by the oncologist that these particular drugs do not have a long life-span. That is, they tend to work very quickly and produce results but only hold everything ‘at bay’ for a certain amount of time. More research needs to be done to establish how the treatment can be made more viable as a long term solution.

With this in mind Steve will look to commence a treatment called "GcMAF" which he will take alongside his existing medication prescribed by the Oncologist and also Intravenous Vitamin C sessions.

GcMAF is a protein made by all healthy people. Cancers and viruses send out an enzyme called Nagalase that neutralises the bodies ability to make its own GcMAF. Without GcMAF, our immune system effectively goes to sleep. GcMAF is made in Europe and can be administered to treat cancer. If you are interested in reading further about how GC-MAF works see more here...

There has been astounding results from people who have had this treatment. As Steve is still so young they want to get their hands on everything they possibly can. The downside is that this drug is not funded by the health care system and is very expensive ($4500 per month and will need to be continued until ultrasound and blood tests show that Steve is cancer-free). GcMAF will need to be imported directly from Switzerland as the treatment has not been established in New Zealand as yet.

They are both remaining highly positive and doing everything in their power to beat this! Steve is DETERMINED to become "Old Man Steve" and grow old with Amanda.

I'm sure you'll agree that the last thing this amazing couple needs to be worrying about at this time is money.

If you can, please give a little to help Steve and Amanda to focus all of their energy on kicking cancer in the butt!

From the bottom of Steve and Amanda's hearts they thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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Operation: "Old Man Steve"


Steve was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma in November 2014, a mere six months after marrying Amanda. They are fighting hard to make 'Old Man Steve' a reality. If you are able to assist financially they would be so grateful for any support.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Operation: "Old Man Steve".

  • $6,570.00 donated
  • 51 generous donors

$6,570 donated

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