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Otakaro Orchard & Community Food Hub

on 3 Jun 2016

Kathryn asks

Hi we have a number of fruit trees - peaches (black boy, white, golden), apricots, black currants, gooseberries, that we can donate if you would like. They are currently in grow bags. The trees are grown from seed and the bushes from cuttings.

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on 29 Apr 2016

Ross asks

Hi team. I'm just wondering if soils tests have been done at the site? I think that it is very important for any sites being used to grow food. I study at Lincoln University and have a little experience in this area if you would like some help. Alternative Hill Laboratories is a commercial option for soil testing.

Soil & Health Association - Edible Canterbury

Thanks for your question, its a good point: the initial soil testing came back as negative for contaminants. The team (and expert advisers) are deciding if further testing should be completed as additional due diligence and further peace of mind. We will consider your suggested provider if we do!

Soil & Health Association - Edible Canterbury

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