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Otaki Free Food Pantry

  • Thanks for all your help

      20 January 2024

    Your kindness means so much to those that we have been able to help out.

    So many need so much and even a little counts.

    So Thank you all so very much.

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  • A Big Thank you

      20 December 2023

    We would like to Say A Big Thank You to all our Donors. without you all we couln't have continued on as we have done.

    Your Financial help has been a godsend to us and the families we help each and every day.

    Thank you so much and

    Have a Merry Christmas from our home to yours.

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  • Christmas Help

      19 November 2023

    Firstly Thank you to those who have generously donated to us. It is really really appreciated. So far the funds have been used to purchase breads, butters, meats and vegetables, teas and coffees and milos and sugar...

    But now that Christmas is almost here, we need to purchase more christmas foodstuffs. We have a leg of Ham to be cooked sliced and frozen, but some chickens vegetables, snacks and other christmassy foods would be great to be purchased and this is where your help comes in.

    We appreciate that times are getting harder and each week seems to get longer and the funds shorter, but even a $5.00 donation can go a long way to helping.

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  • Thank you for your kindness

      22 October 2023

    Thank you all so very much for your kindness.

    So far we have purchased fresh Vegetables and canned goods, tea and Coffee and milo, Breads and Wraps.

    Your help is appreciated immensely.

    However with costs arising all the time and fees and other expenses increasing, this is leaving our community in a state of insufficient funds, We try to catch those who don't qualify for food grants or foodbank help mainly because of being unable to make ends meet and using all available forms of help. So far we are supporting many families in our community and without your kindness we would fall a long way short. Your donations are enabling us to help those in dire straits, and those with a need where the funds just do not stretch. we are almost at 1 quarter of our goal, but still a long way short of it.

    There fore all donations are gratefully accepted.

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  • Your help means so much to others.

      11 October 2023

    So far to date we have been able to purchase Tea Coffee Milk and Sugar, along with Fresh Vegetables, Fresh bread, some meat products as well, but once again it is all gone and more is needed. With Christmas coming we are going to need so much more. Your help is really needed at this time, it means that we can support our community, and yes we are getting new people needing help all the time.

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  • Christmas Help

      25 September 2023

    Thank you all for your kind donations so far. We really appreciate your kindness.

    As we all know Christmas is coming up really fast, we would love to be able to another Christmas Hamper Draw this year our 4th one. In Order to make these hampers Extra special we really need the $$$$. Your Help is needed now more than ever before.

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  • Thank you

      4 September 2023
    Main image

    Thank you to those who have donated so far, we really appreciate it, however we are still a long way off reaching our goal. Donations are needed to continue to supply those in our community who really can't make ends meet, this could be you at any time. Its an awful boat to be put in and yes there are those who take advantage, but I like to think that they would be taking to help whanau or friends.

    We help those who don't qualify for WINZ or the local food bank, we help those who fall through the cracks, and we help those who need that one off support because something totally unexpected blew our the budget. Like I said before it could be you or someone you know or love.

    Please give but don't run yourself short.

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  • Thank you

      13 August 2023

    A huge thank you to those who have donated. we have raised 10% of our goal so far. Please share this page around, every little bit helps.

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