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Our beautiful girl gone way too soon 😭💔

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Our girl was gone to soon 💔💔 I have made this page on behalf of Brylees family to help them with funeral and travelling cost.

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On Friday the 27th of September after Brylee had put her son to bed she started heading over to Paeroa to drink with some friends, unfortunately she never made it. At around 7.40 pmEveryone that ever loved brylee life had changed. Brylee was in critical care with a 99% chance of not coming back. On the 29th of September Brylees life support was turned off. We still have no idea what made her crash or what she was doing. But our friend brylee was taken way to soon at only 20years of age leaving her 2 year old son behind.

We love you so much bro!! A massive shout out to Brylees mother Debbie for being so strong through all of this.

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Brylees been my bestfriend for a long 8 years! I just want to help her family as much as I can.

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Help family with costs

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 09 Oct 2019
To assist Charlie. In response to Brylee's donation of her organs.
Bill & Janet
Bill & Janet on 09 Oct 2019
Julzz on 08 Oct 2019
Rest in love angel❤
EILEEN on 08 Oct 2019
Jackson on 05 Oct 2019

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Paying to a verified bank account of Debbie Currie

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