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Our aim is to assist Leonie , a fellow Fonterra shareholder , with legal defence costs to protect transparency in our cooperative.


This is a fundraising page to assist with court costs to defend our right as shareholders to question and talk about our Co-operative without being gagged or belittled.

Fonterra, lead by its Chairman has served an injunction on an ex-director Leonie Guiney which not only silences her, but also any ex-employee, officer, or governor of our Co-operative. A New Zealand dairy co-operative acting with this arrogance has never been seen in our history, in fact our past culture has been one of strong questioning not suppression. ​ ​If Fonterra is to survive, this culture of bullying must stop.

When a shareholder (or ex-director) like Leonie is being gagged​,​ alarm bells started ringing loudly​.​ Leonie is an articulate smart women with a very forthright style, that should be celebrated not suppressed. Fonterra has been found wanting on many major commercial decisions it has made in recent years costing us mega millions. Our Shareholders Council set up to provide constructive challenge is impotent.

We need to raise money to fund our right to speak, to challenge, to own our Co-operative.​ ​

$1 of support shows you want to help shift the conversation to the sort of solutions that allow us to continue to own our supply chain, while respecting farmers capital . Our problems are rooted in some choices that have been made with our capital. The fact that we are a cooperative is not the limiting factor, it should be a strength . A successful Fonterra depends on mutual trust. Supply loyalty will come with performance, open acceptance of problems so they can be appropriately solved, and identifying and investing in our strengths .

Your support would show solidarity for our Co-ops future​.​ The following Fonterra shareholders are backing this initiative and invite you to join us.

Lyall Preston - Northland, Crofton Hamilton - South Auckland, Linda Virbikas - Bay of Plenty, Shirley Trumper - Rotorua, Harry Bayliss - Taranaki, Brian and Ann Jones - Takaka, Simon Johnson - Canterbury, Howard Jackson -Mackenzie, Dan Davies -Mackenzie, Neil Smith - Oamaru, Tony Paterson - Southland.

Lyall Preston's involvement (page creator)

I know Leonie Guiney as an ex-director of Fonterra and as a Fonterra shareholder would like to help her fund her legal defence costs as I firmly believe she was working in the shareholders best interests and would like to gather support for her.

Use of funds

Any funds raised over and above Leonie's legal defence ​costs will be donated to Farmstrong, a great rural charity aimed at helping farmers wellbeing. Should legal costs be awarded in the case, any funds that are not used will be donated to Farmstrong.

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One of many NZ farmers supporting you on 21 Jun 2018
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