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Our Beautiful Indigo

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Indigo is a very special eight month old girl born with an incredibly rare, debilitating condition - Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome.

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Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome (BWS) is an extremely rare syndrome affecting approximately 1:15000 children world-wide. Indigo is a now 10 month old suffering from this debilitating syndrome. Indigo weighs more than her five year old brother at 25kg, and is rapidly growing. Her mother Tiffany isn't able to return to work due to Indigo's need for extra care, and her father Fitzroy has had to work extra long and hard hours to support his family of three children as well as Tiffany. Because Indigo gains weight rapidly, her parents often have to buy larger clothes to accommodate this. They also have to buy diapers from Auckland as she can not fit store nappies - these cost them $100 fortnightly. Not only this, but they are also constantly having to upgrade her car seats, prams etc because she grows out of them so fast. This is financially demanding on Tiffany and Fitzroy. Not only do they have to continuously find Indigo larger clothes (currently a size 8/9 children's) but they also have to travel to the doctors and hospital regularly. Because of her syndrome, Indigo has a lowered immune system which often leads to doctors visits, as well as her having to have six-weekly blood tests and three-monthly scans to check for cancers and tumors which Indigo is at risk of developing. The numerous appointments Indigo has to attend costs her parents a lot of money due to having to use gas, which is an expense that further tightens their already limited budget. But now, Indigo is so big that they require a larger car so that her and her two brothers Shade and Devon can fit safely in the back. Their current car is simply too small now to fit Indigo, her two brothers, as well as Indigo's pram etc. So we (the Nowakowsky family) are fundraising so that Tiffany and Fitzroy get the help they need, such as buying them a new car, new clothes, new nappies etc - whilst our main fundraising purpose as of current is a new people-mover for them, we are also gladly accepting donations of clothing, fuel vouchers etc. We want to help Tiffany and Fitzroy as much as possible.

We also want to fund raise money so that Tiffany is able to go to chiropractic sessions. Because of Indigo's weight and Tiffany's constantly carrying her, she's hurt her back and needs chiropractic sessions urgently but cannot afford it because of their financial strain.

You can see more about Indigo's story here:

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Monika Nowakowsky


I am involved as Indigo is my grandchild, and her mother Tiffany is my daughter. I want to help!

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  • $3,233.04 donated
  • 126 generous donors

$3,233 donated



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