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We are on a mission to #outruncancer. Unlocking the power of running to provide physical, mental and social support for cancer patients

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#outruncancer started as a promise between two high school friends, Caroline Steer and Vanessa Oshima. Both from the small town of Matamata, New Zealand (you may know their town as the "shire" in Lord Of The Rings). Vanessa lives in Japan and Caroline in New Zealand. They had lost touch with each other. In September of 2012 Caroline was starting a fight with breast cancer, and Vanessa promised to run 5km every day until she was "ned" (No Evidence of Disease). Everyday Vanessa ran in Japan and Caroline fought cancer in New Zealand. Then in February of 2017, Vanessa was delivered a cancer diagnosis herself. Caroline started running for Vanessa. So now the two of them lace up everyday to #outruncancer.

Vanessa and Caroline have learned first hand what it is to have cancer and support someone with cancer. They learned so much about so many things; about cancer and the physical and mental battle, the power of community, the healing that running and exercise brings. They learned to change their mindset and move forward against cancer.

Caroline and Vanessa want to encourage people to keep moving forward together, stay healthy, claim back their health, speed their recovery, lower cancer risk and improve their overall quality of life. In short our goals with #outruncancer are to RAISE funds to be able to help people to get moving. We are seeking donations and sponsors to do two things:

1. create "get moving gift boxes" to give to patients as they leave hospital or finish chemo etc. The box includes running shoes, t-shirt, running bra, socks, tights/shorts and a running guide.

2. sponsor an #outruncancer runner (a cancer survivor) into one of the world major marathons. Donations will help pay for airfares, accomodation,marathon entry and training support

Use of funds:

Your donation will be used in two ways.

1. Create "get moving" boxes that include shoes, t-shirt, running bra, socks, tights and running plan to help patients get moving

2. Supporting an #outruncancer runner to get to one of the world major marathons.

Page created by:

Vanessa Oshima


All funds raised benefit:


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Vanessa Oshima on behalf of #outruncancer.
“In memory of Lisa Chittick.”
“Kia kaha Kia toa Kia manawanui”
“Proud to be apart of such a good cause. #outruncancer”
“Keep dominating the world Vanessa and hopefully we can all beat cancer!”
“Blessed to be outrunning cancer!”
“Today is day 110 of running a minimum of 5km per day for #outruncancer. I've now outrun last year's stretch of 100 days, which I started the day after Vanessa's news. Next goal, 200 days. Vanessa, your strength and determination continue to inspire. xox”
“With you all the way sister!”
  • $1,895.00 donated
  • 25 generous donors

$1,895 donated

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