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Papatoetoe tornado affected residents.

on 20 Jun 2021

Diane asks

Hi, what is your full name please and how do you plan to share this money to the affected Papatoetoe residents? Do you make that decision alone? Are you part of an official group collecting and distributing these funds, if so, what is the name of the group and who can we contact to verify your connection? Do you reside in Papatoetoe?


Hi my name is evan reece i am going to try find others who had no insurance with mayb other people to help me my house lucky had house insurance but not car or content insurance i know what it will be like for others not knowing what to do sadly i wanna help to rebuild this area again with help from others and donations 😊 021 159 7178 is my number if u need more questions thank you 😊

Even Reece
on 20 Jun 2021

Shareel asks


Thank you for setting up this page. I was about to just now myself but didnt want money coming into my personal account and am waiting to hear back on an alternative option.

I hope you dont mind me sharing this page on the Papatoetoe Grapevine page on Facebook.

I am hoping money collected will help people who dont have insurance esp. that single parent indian lady that was on the news today.

Stay blessed!


Hi 100% will be going out to people who i can find had no insurance i am trying to find that solo mum that had no insurance see if i can help her to i will be going out with someone from my street to look for people who need help 😊 i hope this helps happy to have people come help me just i live in a house that got hit so i do understand how hard its going to be for others around my area

Even Reece

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