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Help us bring kokako back to Taranaki

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Our aim is to bring back the critically endangered kokako to Taranaki, with the first translocation planned for August 2016.

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Wildlife Endangered Conservation

Kokako are especially vulnerable to predation therefore pests must be controlled if kokako are to survive in the Parininihi Forest (North Taranaki).

In order to ensure the safety of the returning kokako, intensive animal pest control needs to be maintained to keep rats, stoats, possums and goats to very low numbers.

We are well on our way to making this happen, but we need to keep laying out traps and our current focus is strengthening our boundaries and improving our track network.


Kokako were once abundant in Taranaki, however in1999 the last kokako, ‘Tamanui’ was removed from the Moki Forest (North Taranaki), on the understanding that his offspring would be returned once the damaged eco-system was restored and a safe breeding site established.

Tiritiri Matangi (Hauraki Gulf) has provided a safe haven for breeding and Tamanui’s descendants have multiplied.

With dedicated effort the call of the kokako will be heard again in Taranaki.


Any donation, regardless of the amount will help us towards achieving our goal of bringing kokako back to Taranaki, thank you for visiting our page!

Other ways to help:

A new children's book 'Tamanui, the brave kokako of Taranaki' has just been released, with all royalties being donated to Tiaki te Mauri o Parininihi Trust.

Books are on sale now at: ISite Museum Store Puke Ariki New Plymouth, Pohutakawa Books New Plymouth, Poppies New Plymouth, Paper Plus Stratford, Paper Plus Hawera. Books are available in English and Te Reo Maori.

Page created by:

Tiaki Te Mauri O Parininihi Trust was formed in 2012 to guide and support the work at Parininihi, and includes people from Ngati Tama and the wider community.

The trust aims to restore and protect the values of Parininihi, by undertaking a major long-term ecological management project that includes pest control, species recovery and translocations.

“Merry Xmas! Keep up the good work”
“Shell NZ gave me a give-a-little voucher for talking at their Community Dinner. Thank you. What better place to "deposit" it than Tiaki Te Mauri O Parininihi : )”
“A fantastic project - looking forward to seeing the kokako home soon”
“Interested to hear of the project at the STOS dinner.”
“I look forward to hearing the Kokako back in the Taranaki forest canopies one day soon. Thanks for all your amazing work.”
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