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on 18 Jun 2021

Shelley asks

Hi Sophie, it’s Shelley from Ziwi Peak Petfood here. We’re a natural Petfood based in mount Maunganui. I saw the article on precious Pascoe on the news last night. We get so much positive feedback from pet parents on our products so we would love to send Pascoe some free food to help him recuperate. To discuss this please call me on 0275222235 . Thanks

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on 17 Jun 2021

Rachael asks

Hi Sophie, I saw the article about Pascoe and tried to find you on Facebook to chat but no luck. So glad you found someone who could offer prosthetics, and as a donation! That's amazing, I hope he heals fast and is able to get prosthetics :)

I have a 12 week old kitten who has had one of his back legs cut off when he was about 6 weeks old also found starving but we are in Auckland. I tried searching for weeks for someone who offered prosthetics here but with no luck so he had to have the leg amputated last week.

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