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Paul Michaels Podcast Fund.

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$3,325 of $3,000 goal

Given by 46 generous donors in 22 days

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We have the space, the ability, and the passion. We just can't quite get the money!

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This fund is to raise $3000 - $5000 to start a super professional podcast hosted by Paul Michaels. The Paul Michaels Podcast is on hunting, fishing, big game indicating dogs, dog training, health and fitness, business and personal development, entrepreneurship and pretty much anything that Paul feels like talking about either in one of his live talks, a solo pod cast, or with the many guests that will come on the show.

Paul and his team have the office space and the time and the passion to make this happen, but they currently lack the funds to buy the equipment to take the podcast to the next level.

The vision that Paul and his team have for this Podcast is to have it all set up in a studio like format with proper studio microphones, sound and recording equipment, multiple cameras and everything to do proper sit down, interview style podcasts with super high quality sound and video. The audio for these podcasts will go up on Spotify, iTunes and other popular Podcast platforms and the video will go up on youtube and facebook. All of these podcasts will be 100% free to watch and to listen to.

$3000 will just give us what we need to make this awesome. $5000 and we'll be able to knock it out of the park. If this somehow goes crazy and make more than that well put it all into the podcast anyway make it super crazy and spend the money getting in guests of doing giveaways or whatever we can. Everything raised will go into the Podcast!

Update: We are over whelmed to be a third the way there after 2 days! We did not expect this! If we make it to the $3000 goal and it all goes ahead I will start a post on Big Game Indicating Dogs on Facebook, and post all receipts for every dollar. Every cent will be accounted for and spent on the podcast! Everything will be fully transparent! We have loads of awesome ideas coming in and heaps of support! Fingers crossed we get there! A HUGE thanks goes out to all of the amazing people that have donated already and a huge thanks in advance to anyone that donates from here on out!

Use of funds

We have the room and tons of gear already, but we need to spend $2000 dollars on microphones, microphone arms, mixers, cables and a few other expensive bits and pieces to do this the way we want to do it. We want to make it really epic!

Latest donations

  • Digby the gsp

    Digby the gsp on 17 Oct 2018



  • Nick Pope

    Nick Pope on 15 Oct 2018


    Good on ya mate! Awesome to see you willing to share your knowledge with the world!


  • Harrison

    Harrison on 15 Oct 2018


    Keep up the good content can’t wait for podcast!


  • M dye

    M dye on 13 Oct 2018


    Cheers for the advice


  • Ben may

    Ben may on 13 Oct 2018


    Good on ya horse 👍🏻


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$3,325 of $3,000 goal

Given by 46 generous donors in 22 days

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