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Plain language aviation weather

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A contribution to keeping plain language aviation weather information

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For flyers, weather forecasts are distributed in a rather arcane language. International standard apparently. Pilots who use it every day are quite comfortable with it. Pilots who use it occasionally are not.

A bit under 10 years ago I created a web page that translates this stuff into plain english. I pay the hosting etc and have never taken a cent out of it. A lot of people use it. The Civil Aviation Authority pretend that it does not exist .....

So I will invite people to throw a dollar or two at it. I have raised this with a random collection of users and the response has generally been pretty positive ...

Access will continue to be free. Potential donors are private pilots who will understand exactly what this is about.

Use of funds

My back pocket ..... I have been running it for free for about 10 years .... Plenty of people have told me they would not mind paying a bit for this and givealittle seems the obvious way to handle it.

Latest donations

Robert on 28 May 2020
Great App Would it be possible for the program to allow access easily by retaining our login so that we don’t need to reinsert this each time? I login in through Oz Runways. Thanks Robert
Ian Boag

Unfortunately nor

Ian Boag
Mark on 27 Apr 2020
Good work. Very helpful to check my own "translations" Thanks Mark
Mike on 27 Apr 2020
Thanks great site have used it since start days. Quick and easy to read . No mistakes made . Cheers
Bob on 21 Apr 2020
Although I am no longer an active PP, I always appreciated your accurate and user friendly site. I have used the site from its very beginning. I am an active blokarter (Land yacht), and I use the forecasting at least twice a week.
CALVERT on 14 Apr 2020
A great help

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Created by, and paying to a verified bank account of, Ian Boag

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