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Pike River: Contribute to the Miners' Fund - Updates - Givealittle

  • Closing the cause page     14 March 2011

    Thank you for your amazing support on this Givealittle page for the Pike River Miners Relief Fund Trust. ?We have now closed this page as the Trust is no longer accepting donations, with Mayor Tony Kokshoorn expressing the preference of the Trust to encourage donors to now consider supporting Christchurch earthquake relief.

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  • Pike River: Family Support Fund     24 November 2010

    On November 24th 2010, both ANZ and mayor Tony Kockshoorn announced the creation of a miners' fund to support families directly affected by the Pike River coal mine disaster after it was confirmed that 29 lives were lost following a second explosion Why has this Givealittle fund been created? After public feedback, the Givealittle team has created this sponsored online fund to provide the public, both in New Zealand and internationally, with an easy online channel to support families directly affected by the tragedy at Pike River Coal Mine. What happens to my donation? 100% of all donations made by credit card will be processed to the Givealittle Trust Account and passed in full to the bank account for the Grey District Mayoral Fund (Miners' Fund). This fund has been sponsored so that 100% of all public donations will be available to directly support the families. How will this fund be used? This will be determined by the official administrators of the Grey District Mayoral Fund? - however the clear purpose of this fund is to offer financial support to the families directly impacted by the disaster in the short to medium term.? Please see the media links below for more information. We will posting details of our correspondence with the official Mayoral Fund here on this page. Please stay updated about application of this fund by revisiting this public page and our """" We also welcome your feedback about this fund via: Email -"""">"""">Givealittle on Twitter """">Givealittle on Facebook

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  • Miners' fund set up - TVNZ     24 November 2010

    From article (""""> ANZ New Zealand has opened a support fund for the families of the Pike River miners. All 29 men are believed to be dead after a second explosion in the mine this afternoon, which is understood to have resulted from a build up of carbon monoxide. Donations are able to be made at any branch of ANZ and The National Bank nationwide, and it has donated $100,000 as a kick start for the fund. It is also looking to offer a special package of assistance for the families, although details are yet to be finalised. Grey District Mayor Tony Kokshoorn says a mayoral relief fund will also be set up to help the families of the miners killed in the Pike River mine. The Council had been inundated by offers of support, but said earlier that all their efforts were focussed on the search and rescue. Mayor Tony Kokshoorn told Close Up tonight that they now need to assist the families through this difficult time by any means possible. ""We will start a relief fund up, a mayoral fund down here, now that we know this has happened. ""If they want to donate to the relief fund, send it down to the council. Because we've got to help these families in every way we can, in every way,"" he said. ""We'll get in right behind those families and we will make sure this is as painless as can be. Coal's in the blood, it runs through the veins of Coasters, it always did and it still will,"" he added. The families have also been receiving extensive support from numerous agencies, including the Red Cross. ANZ account number: 01 1841 0052483 00

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