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Our son's fight against Leukemia

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Our vibrant and inspirational 13-yo son Gregory has been diagnosed with Pre B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We'd love your help!

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Our darling boy has been diagnosed with Pre B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Gregory is an inspirational and lively young man who loves to learn and play rugby. He's a school leader, a member of the school band, Kapahaka group and Perpetual Motor Programme (PMP) helping the younger boys with reading and all sorts. He's an exemplary Kings (Academic) Scholar that is well respected by his peers and his teachers speak fondly of him. He's a great little dude☺️

Gregory's illness started with a cold in late June that seemed to drag on despite the round of antibiotics he'd completed. On Tuesday 2 July, he woke up and asked to stay home from school. It was unusual for Gregory to do this. He was so pale and lethargic the small stuff took a lot of effort - things like tying his shoelaces.

I took the day off work to take him to our GP who ordered blood tests, thank God! The results were back later that afternoon and we were summoned back to the Dr.'s office. Gregory's blood (red, white and platelets) counts were all so low and he needed to get a blood transfusion asap. He was admitted to Kids First at Middlemore where we stayed the night awaiting a place at Starship for further tests.

Wednesday 3 July, Gregory was transferred to Starship where countless blood tests were drawn and more blood transfusions were given. It was hard to watch our child go through this ordeal, the lures up and down his arms, the drug cocktails. The next morning, a bone marrow aspirate and trephine procedure were done to identify what we were dealing with. The news of Gregory's unfortunate diagnosis was received Thursday 4 July at 4.12pm.

On Friday 5 July, a portacath was sited for the delivery of chemo, another bone marrow aspirate and a lumbar puncture to collect cerebrospinal fluid to see if cancer had spread to the lining of his brain. Thankfully, it hadn't but chemo had to start right away. Acute leukaemia develops and progresses quickly and therefore needs to be treated as soon as it is diagnosed. Acute leukaemia affects very immature blood cells, preventing them from maturing properly.

Greg's full treatment spans 3.5 years long. He is currently undergoing an aggressive treatment plan for the first 9-months where the chemo drugs are administered through the portacath in his chest. He's thrilled that there won't be any more needles in his arms for the foreseeable future ☺️yay!👍During this time, he cannot attend school due to his weakened immune system. For the remainder of his treatment, Gregory will transition back into school and an ordinary life God willing; and provided the cancer cells to go into complete remission after the induction phase.

All this has developed so quickly, impacting our whole family dramatically. We are still overcoming the shock and disbelief that our once healthy and beautiful, kind-hearted boy is battling this dreadful disease. The past weeks have been hard but even through adversity our family's strength and love have never been brighter. Our two amazing girls, 10 and 12 have been exceptional throughout this experience and have been helpful and supported us parents and their brother every way they can.

We would appreciate your consideration however big or small to aid us in supporting Gregory and his battle to beat his "stupid leukemia" (his words lol) so he may go on to live a normal life after treatment. Treatment that will hopefully eliminate the associated risks including incontinence, infertility and impotence, as well as the standard risks of future cancer's developing.

We would also like to use this platform to thank the abundant support from Gregory's school and Kings Foundation, my BNZ team that inspired this page, our Holy Cross Parish and all our friends and family that have rallied around us at this time. Words are not enough to express the gratitude we all feel towards you. Not forgetting the team at Starship who are Godsend and we've been very blessed to have Gregory in their care. Amazing bunch of professionals.

Please remember us especially Gregory in your prayers. Thanking you all in advance for your generosity.

With love,

Sala, Gregory and family

SALAMANAIA Ah-Kuoi's involvement (page creator)

I'm taking a years' LWOP so I can be involved in his daily care and clinic appointments for chemotherapy treatments

Use of funds

Thankfully Gregory's treatment at Starship is state funded so any proceeds will be spent on clinic visits, tutoring, petrol/parking, and to ease the pressure of household and living expenses

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Final update  13 August 2019

Hello everyone,

I wanted to touch base with you all one last time and provide an update on Gregory's progress and treatment.

Gregory started the second phase of his treatment last Thursday 8 August. A new intensified treatment plan aimed to prevent the growth of cancerous cells in his bone marrow.

Sunday night 11 August, he fell ill with a fever and we were back at Emergency and spent a night at the Oncology Ward so they could monitor him. Gregory is now feeling better and has been discharged back home😊. I've been told to expect more of these instances, so an emergency pack will always be ready for the go👍.

Our family want to thank you all once more, for your donation, for following Gregory's journey and for showing us you care. This gives us great comfort and will go some way to relieve some of the financial burden ahead. Your generous hearts, your messages of love and support will remain with us forever♾.

If you would like to follow Gregory's journey, I have created a private Facebook page to update family and friends. Please feel free to 'request to join'. There is a Facebook link at the bottom of the main page (must extend to view); alternatively you can copy and paste the following web link to any browser to access.

God bless you all and keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy always. We love you and we thank you!!

Ah-Kuoi family


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  • Jeff

    Jeff on 16 Aug 2019


    Hello Mr and Mrs Salamanaia, The purpose of making this token donation is really to make contact with you and to share with you some information I was given on more than one occasion by some business people from overseas who recommended a Dr Lu in South Africa who does aqua puncture for "life threatening diseases" and has a great reputation for success I understand. He is 70 years old and works Tuesdays and Saturdays. His Phone number 011 326 6432 and his office is in Sandton, South Africa. While you may be seriously asking yourself who am I and am I sane etc. , I couldn't let the chance of this "possibility" pass you by without sharing this information with you as this is your precious little boy. Happy to give you the information I have (which is an e-mail from a business person of standing who I actually know in South Africa ) if you want to e-mail me. At the end of the day (as ridiculous as it might sound) it might just be worth a phone call to see if this Doctor Lu can help Gregory? Nothing to lose from a phone call and who knows worth a few minutes of your time. I truly and sincerely wish your family well and will pray for your little boy. P.S. I have had local aqua puncture here in Auckland myself a couple of times - I don't really know that much about it other than that. I have no connection with Dr Lu and nothing to gain as a result of passing on this information to your family. The Best of Luck


  • Roopa

    Roopa on 14 Aug 2019


    Prayers for fast recovery .


  • Johnelen

    Johnelen on 09 Aug 2019


    Get well soon young man. Alofa tele atu mo nai ou matua. Love you Sala..💓💓💓


  • BNZ Social Club :)

    BNZ Social Club :) on 09 Aug 2019



  • Fergus and family

    Fergus and family on 08 Aug 2019


    All the best to you and your family from our family. Fergus and family Kings School Year 8.


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$7,790 donated

Given by 91 generous donors in 4 weeks

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