Please help me help my younger brother Gilles and his young family

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Please help me help my younger brother Gilles, his partner Charlotte and their little boy Noah re-start their life.


On 4th October 2020, my younger brother Gilles' eco house, home-office and surf school premises burnt down to the grounds.

Luckily, his partner, their little boy and himself were on their way home when the fire happened and they unfortunately saw their property engulfed in flames before their eyes...

Their whole life disappeared in the fire and the only belonging they had where the 2 backpacks they had on them...

So much has been destroyed but very special item such as a cradle in which our Dad's grandfather slept in, my dad and his siblings, myself and my brothers, our respective children, and now Gilles & Charlotte's son, disappeared in the fire...

Today, they have nothing left and no insurance pay out whatsoever.

Back in 2015, Gilles & Charlotte have decided to live in a small fisherman village on the East Coast of Madagascar called Mahambo where Gilles & myself have started the very first school in Madagascar in 2003 (

They have made the choice to leave the frantic live of the modern world to build a eco house, which became their house, home office and surf school premises while launching a garden-forest project set up on the permaculture principles

The Isilia Villa was designed using bamboo for the roof, decks piles, stairs and internal guardrail , breeze blocks and cement for the walls, concrete was for the floor, kitchen bench and bathrooms and local wood for the doors and shutters.

They had their own water system (4m well with pump), using a rocket stove system Gilles has built to provide hot water.

They also had their own electricity through a solar system with photovoltaic panels on their roof

Given water is very precious, they did set up a dry toilet system using free saw dust & woods chips from the carpenter so no toilets to be flushed!

The following links give you more information about their life before and after the tragedy. The links includes photo gallery but also web page unfortunately in french but you can use Google Translator to get the english translation.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for anything you can do to help them. There is no small donation. Any gesture as small as they will be will be cherished and very appreciated.

Again thank you.

On behalf of Gilles, Charlotte & Noah,



. Home Office Burnt :

. Home Office Before :

. The Surf School :

. The Isilia eco Villa concept :

. The Eco Site Ioniala :

Fred Ralaimihoatra's involvement (page creator)

On 4th October 2020, my younger brother Gilles' eco house, home-office and surf school premises burnt down to the grounds...

Luckily, his partner, their little boy and himself were away when the massive fire happened at 0800hrs.

Please help me help them

Use of funds

Through the fire, not only Gilles, Charlotte & Noah have lost their home, but they also lost their income since all the Surf School equipment has been destroyed...

So funds collected will be used to help them rebuild their home-office and the surf school.

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Jeremy on 05 Jun 2021
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 11 Feb 2021
Holding you all in my prayers.
Fred Ralaimihoatra

Thank you so much Shona for your assistance and prayers...

Fred Ralaimihoatra
Felipe on 08 Feb 2021
Navré d’apprendre votre malchance les amis, mais content qu’il n’y ait pas eu des dégâts personnels. Je suis sûr que vous allez renaître des cendres, et que vous pourrez reconstruire l’endroit et l’état d’esprit que j’ai autant apprécié chez vous. Bon courage
Fred Ralaimihoatra

Merci beaucoup pour ton aide Felipe, je viens de transmettre le message a Gilles & Charlotte. Encore merci!

Fred Ralaimihoatra
Mamy on 16 Dec 2020
Oroka lehibe. Sandrine@Mam
Fred Ralaimihoatra

Merci beaucoup les cousins! Bises a vous tous xx

Fred Ralaimihoatra
Chris & Maria Atkin
Chris & Maria Atkin on 14 Dec 2020
From a brother to another brother to support Gilles & Charlotte in these hard times... You would have done the same Bro if it has happened to me. Take care, Your Coastguard Brother, Chris
Fred Ralaimihoatra

Thanks heaps Chris & Maria! Thanks very much for your support!

Fred Ralaimihoatra

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