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Please help two amazing grandparents who have supported others their entire lives


My Grandparents need help, recently they had come down south to visit family but my Grandad ended up in hospital while here and they have only just been able to return home. When they returned it was to discover that somebody had broken into their home, damaged property and put a hose through a window and left it running so the house was flooded, leaving them homeless and with a lot of damaged property. They have spent their lives helping people, including fostering over 30 children over the years. Although they have insurance it is limited and only covers contents not accommodation and they are having to stay in a handy capable motel due to my grandfathers disability, this is getting expensive and could be for weeks before they can return to their home. My grandfather is on an acc pension due to a work place accident in the 1980s where he lost his leg.

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These are my Grandparents

Use of funds

Accommodation costs until repairs can be made and repairs/replacing what can't be fixed

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Every one has been so incredibly generous   15 January 2022

I can't believe how generous you all have been, you've all got me crying over here.

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joseph on 15 Jan 2022
hope this helps ive heard amazing things about yous from dillon
dillon on 14 Jan 2022
this is from me jodie and the kids i love yous so much u have helped me so much time to return the favour love dillon
Barb on 14 Jan 2022
I wish it could be a whole lot more. Monty and Jeannie gave me a safe place to land when I was going through some really hard times, and the whole family surrounded me with love.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 14 Jan 2022
Bridget on 14 Jan 2022
From Bridget (Stephens Aunty)

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