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Please help raise medical funds for Inay Precy

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Inay Precy has undergone operation to remove her aneurysm. We need your help t o raise funds for her medical expenses.

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I organised go fund me to raise money for my friend’s mom, Inay Precy Briones.

Inay Precy Briones came to New Zealand to visit her son, Engilbert Briones, and grandchildren in September 2018. For the short time that I have known tita Precy, I saw how big her heart to her family and friends. Tita Precy has helped me in looking after my daughter during school holiday. She has invited me to their house and she has never failed to offer me food and drink. She sent messages of “musta na?”, “kelan ka dadalaw?” almost everyday. She gave words of encouragement when we are feeling so tired and busy. Tita Precy often tells me to trust the Lord and keep on praying. These simple gestures from someone that I recently met left a big mark in my heart.

Last Sunday, my friend called and she was crying at the end of the line. She just kept on saying something is wrong with Inay and she does not know what to do. She said that she is still breathing but looks different. I immediately instructed her to call the ambulance. Then, I went to their house and saw the paramedics already looking after tita Precy. She was still conscious that time and she responded to voice and touch. She was saying repeatedly that her head is too sore. Tita Precy was transferred to ED and CT scan was done. From her CT, we were told that she has brain aneurysm and needs to have operation soon. Tita Precy had an operation in Wellington Hospital that night. Currently, she is in ICU. We were told that it is like a waiting game now to see how she will respond to the operation and medication.

Tita Precy is only on visitor visa and she has no health/travel insurance. As shes stays longer in the hospital, the medical expenses will keep on growing.

I am humbly requesting to please include her in your prayers. We are keeping our faith and trust to the Lord.  His will thy be done.

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I am a friend.

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$6,024 donated

Given by 152 generous donors in 4 weeks

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