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Please help us bring our family home to NZ!!!

  • Please help us bring our family home to NZ!!!     18 May 2020
    Posted by: Olivia Sayring
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    With the terrible impact of COVID 19 there are still loads of kiwis left stranded in other countries, including our brother Brandon and sister in law Bridget who are in Japan. They have just shared the exciting news that they are pregnant with their first baby! While they are ecstatic about finally being pregnant, before the pandemic their plan was to come home to NZ to have their baby surrounded by family. The issue is... they are having trouble trying to get flights home. Flights keep getting cancelled and are becoming more expensive. With the stress of trying to organise flights, pay their rent and day to day living costs, they are also paying the added costs of $250 per midwife visit. The latest Bridget can fly home is early August, otherwise they will have to pay $9,000 to give birth in Japan without any family support. The accommodation they currently live in is also not suitable for a baby. When they do finally get home, they will also need to find themselves somewhere to live, buy furniture for their house and baby's nursery. Please help us bring them home... any contribution no matter how small would be a huge help!


    They have found a flight but it costs $8,900 for them both to return via Australia and even then it’s not fully guaranteed as they can still cancel the flight and it will then cost more.

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