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Help more than 800,000 polio survivors in Pakistan who have no support and lead incredibly hard lives.

  Nationwide Rehabilitation Treatment Disability

New Zealanders can help them build a new support service to help them and their families reintegrate in to their communities and lead normal lives.

Polio NZ Programme Manager Gordon Jackman has just returned from Karachi, Pakistan where he was the keynote speaker at the “Advocacy for Rehabilitation services for Post Polio patients in Pakistan” seminar organised by Pakistan Paediatric Association and National Institute of Child Health.

The outcome of the seminar was very encouraging with a commitment by the medical establishment right across Pakistan to developing the resources needed, alongside the “End Polio Now” campaign, to helping polio survivors lead normal lives.

There are between 750,000 and 1,000,000 polio survivors in Pakistan, and rehabilitation for them is rudimentary at best in the vast majority of cases.

Up till now there has been no equivalent of Polio NZ in Pakistan, an organisation specifically devoted to meeting the needs of Polio Survivors.

This will now change with a commitment being made to Form Polio Pakistan by both polio survivors and polio rehabilitation specialists at the seminar.

Polio NZ Inc.'s involvement (page creator)

Polio NZ exists to support people who have had polio living in New Zealand and a critical aspect of this work has been educating health professionals about the long term effects of polio, and educating orthotists in up to date materials and techniques for developing orthotics suitable for people who have had polio.

It is not part of the Constitutional Mission or Purpose of Polio NZ Incorporated to serve those outside of New Zealand, but this campaign is a compassionate gesture that we make with gratitude for what we have.

We recognize that we are extremely fortunate to be in New Zealand, and we have the opportunity to extend what we have learned out into places where people are far less fortunate.

About us

The purposes of the Society are to aid and relieve the conditions of persons who have suffered from Poliomyelitis; disseminate current knowledge to Poliomyelitis survivors and encourage awareness and understanding of the late effects of Polio and seek support for the work of the Society;

Use of funds

The funds raised in this GiveALittle campaign will be used to send instructions and materials needed to provide calipers and other aids for children who currently have no support for their deformities caused by polio.

Every donation will be much appreciated and help make a difference to many lives.

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CB on 24 May 2017
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Guest Donor on 24 May 2017
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Guest Donor on 27 Mar 2017
Because we are privileged with the services we have whilst others are left to fend for themselves.
Susan Kerr
Susan Kerr on 22 Mar 2017
Karen on 21 Mar 2017
Such great work to support.

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