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Praying for Grace and Mercy

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We were informed that, , my husbands Visa will not be renewed he was made redundant 2 weeks ago, I'm unable to work, due to my injuries.

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Please note ,this is very difficult coming from S.A, to be humble.

We landed in N.Z. in 2014, with the intention and dream to make this beautiful country our home

And to give our boys a future.

I work for Geneva Health Care, last year October, I fell down 8 stairs, was rushed to hospital, and underwent a 10hr surgery. I had a bone graft and 4 plates and 8 screws in my lower back.

ACC, requested a letter from the surgeon, and because he said my disks were disintegrating,

ACC, refused to pay any weekly compensation. I was booked off for 6 months by the Orthopaedic surgeon.

In January, I joined my friends at PIHA beach.

I decided not to swim as Ive just had major back surgery, so we decided to walk around , on the way back the tide was going out, so I decided to walk on the sand ,rather than the wet rocks with my jandels.

I was between three massive rocks ,when a freak wave, swept me off my feet, and gave me a bashing between the rocks, at the last minute I grabbed the nearest rock and subsequently completely ruptured and taw my shoulder and tendons.

I waited till April, to have my surgery. ACC informed me that I still do not qualify for weekly compensation, as I was off for 6 months ,as oppose to 3.

I have not had an income for 10 months, and I’m unable to work due to my injuries.

We do not qualify for any financial support, even from Winz.

We are currently living off food parcels.

Ive been volunteering at Love Soup (Feed the need) for 3 years , and I am also currently volunteering at St Stevens 2nd Chance op shop, with one arm.

We were informed by immigration ,that my husbands Visa, will not be renewed, and we need to be out the country by the end of September, we have been here 5 years…..

We have been surviving on my husband’s salary, which covers the rent, and he is now no longer employed.

Someone wrote off our car early hours of Saturday morning. she was parked in her usual place on the street, and she is our only vehicle.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story, may you have an amazing day.

Use of funds

The funds will be used for, our Passports and plane tickets, thank you.

If there is any extra money, I will be donating it to Love Soup ( Feed the need), as well as St John ambulance.

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Praying for Grace and Mercy  28 August 2019

We have to leave the country, as our Visas are not being renewed. We don't have any income at present, as my husband was made redundant, I'm unable to work due to my injuries. My son Kyle has just had surgery, and needs bed rest for 3 weeks. We are still in a bad situation. Thank you.


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    God bless


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    Will by praying for you and your family


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    Pierre on 24 Jul 2019


    Sterkte! Ek bid vir julle!


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$1,050 donated

Given by 29 generous donors in 6 weeks

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