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Quadruplets Plus One

on 29 Nov 2018

Aleisha asks

Hi Philippa

Am just wanting to know is there a place we can message private to send out grown size 3mth upwards to the family as we have a 18mth old an have loads of her out grown clothes in which are well looked after etc? An also keep a look out for 1.00 reserve nappies on trademe brand new u open packs ext 1.00 reserves in bulk buys always get listed in various sizes.


Hi Aleisha

Thank you very much for thinking of us! If you could message Kendall through her Quads Mum Plus One Facebook page, she will get back to you when she can.

Thanks again. :-)

Philippa  Green
on 27 Nov 2018

Kathy asks


I had three prem babies. Just not at the same time. But close!

I have worked for over a decade in first aid. And from a large family. If I can help babysit while parents take a break( even go for a sleep. I would like to help you


Hi Kathy

Thank you for your lovely offer, we really appreciate how kind and generous everyone has been. Josh and Kendall are very lucky to be supported by family and close friends at this stage. Thanks again for your willingness to help and we wish you and your family all the best.

Philippa  Green
on 26 Nov 2018

Rebecca asks


Your family is beautiful. I live just down from you in Waimate and would love to buy you all gifts for Christmas, including mum, dad and proud big brother.

Is this feasible, and I could contact privately if needed.


Hi Rebecca, thank you so much for your lovely thought. With so much going on right now, it’s hard to know what they need this week, let alone by Christmas! The family is so appreciative of the donations on Givealittle and this is probably the best way to support them while they adjust to their big new family! Thanks again for your kind wishes, we really appreciate it. 😊

Philippa  Green

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