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Quadruplets Plus One

  • We are all home and growing like superstars!

      25 November 2018
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    25 November 2018

    Thank you to everyone who continues to support Josh, Kendall and their family of 5 with donations and well wishes. The difference you have made has been enormous.

    It has been a busy few weeks since being transferred from NICU in Christchurch to Timaru Hospital. Indie and Quinn were the first to come home while Hudson stayed in hospital to keep Molly company while she put on more weight.

    In a wonderful act of kindness and generosity, Wheeler Motor Company helped Josh, Kendall and their family out with a 10 seater van which has just enough room to fit 4 rear facing capsules, a car seat for Brooklyn and all the gear you need when you go out and about with a family of seven.

    Last week, while Molly stayed in Timaru, Hudson travelled back up to Christchurch with the rest of the family for a double hernia repair. He handled it like a pro and the support once again from Ronald McDonald House in Christchurch and the staff at Christchurch Hospital was fantastic.

    On Sunday 18th November at 13.5 weeks old (2.5 corrected), all four babies came home. In amongst a full on two day photo shoot and then a magazine appearance, there has been no time for Josh and Kendall to catch their breath - or many hours of sleep! It is wonderful to have all the babies home together and to be able to start to find a new normal.

    Please share this page so we can continue to support the family.

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  • 10 weeks old and we are getting closer to home time!

      24 October 2018

    24 October 2018

    Thank you to everyone who has so generously donated so far.

    The last two weeks have gone by in a flash and the babies are all doing so well. They are at 38 weeks gestation now and are all making amazing progress.

    After graduating from needing oxygen support, they all travelled by ambulance, (2 per incubator), to Timaru hospital where they are getting closer to coming home every day.

    Indie and Quinn (identical twins) are almost into newborn clothes. Quinn and Molly are both off monitors and are learning how to bottle feed. Indie and Hudson will come off monitors at the end of the week. Indie is learning to bottle feed and Hudson will be ready to come home but will stay with his sisters until everyone is ready to leave together.

    Thanks to the generous donations, Josh and Kendall have been able to buy much needed gear for the babies - they have moved into their new house during this time so there has not been a moment to spare!

    Please share this page so we can keep supporting our amazing family.

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