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Queenstown Lakes Bee Health Booster!

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Raising money for bee health in the Queenstown Lakes District and preventing nasty pests.

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We have a goal! Increase the health and population of our local honey bees! This involves;

Wasp Prevention:

In December 2019 we will start laying traps for wasps around the Queenstown Lakes Area. We will be using certified Vespex handlers and doing everything we can to minimise the wasp population.

For more information on wasps please visit

Plus the many more articles on why wasps are a threat to our country. 50% of funds will be kindly donated to this wasp wipeout program!

Varroa Mite Prevention:

Varroa mite is one of the nastiest living creatures on this planet, and it has infiltrated nearly every beehive that you have ever laid eyes on. We can help our friends by using organic or chemical solutions to kill varroa mite. Here is a great video which I recommend you watch as to how these nasty wee critters operate;

The money raised will also be used to host information evenings for all local hobby bee keepers, and pay for and provide them solutions for the treatment of varroa mite. If we are all vigilant toward the pests we can turn Queenstown lakes into a thriving honey bee haven.

How are we raising funds?

Honey & Cocoa Limited has sponsored hives to local artists, who have donated their time and effort to create unique master pieces on actual beehives. These beehives will be sold to the highest bidder and all proceeds donated to this page. In conjunction with that, we very much welcome any donations through this page to help our local buzzing friends.

The hives will be on display at the Akarua Arrowtown Autumn Festival, plus various other locations this Autumn.

For more information on the hives please visit;

Use of funds

The money will be used to promote bee prosperity. We will host an information evening for local bee keepers, providing solutions for Varroa Mite and implementing Vespex solutions across Queenstown as well as making a donation to the Tasman Wasp Wipeout.

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    Trish on 23 Apr 2019


    Good luck


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    Kyle on 04 Apr 2019


    For the bees!


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    Love what you guys are doing!


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$140 donated

Given by 8 generous donors in 7 weeks

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