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Quinn’s fight against Leukaemia

  • Update from Māmā and Pāpā

      29 March 2024
    Posted by: Brynn Armstrong
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    Hey everyone, a quick update on Quinn and her leukaemia journey 💚

    We have successfully made it through the first phase of treatment, with the induction phase going to plan and her responding to treatment how she should. It's taken a big toll on her, as we are sure you can imagine, but she has been an absolute trooper and taking it all in her stride incredibly.

    We are home from hospital now which has brought its own challenges, with no immune system, limited sleeping or eating, medication and supplement feeding through her nasal gastric tube, emergency hospital trips with overnight stays, and much more.

    We are now on to the consolidation phase of treatment, with 2-3 trips to starship weekly, chemotherapy 4 days a week, and theatre once a week for lumbar punctures and intrathecal chemotherapy (into the spinal fluid).

    It has taken a heavy toll on us as a family, but we are absolutely overwhelmed by the incredible love and support we have received from everyone. Words can't explain the gratitude we feel for everyone that has had our backs throughout this and helped us get through. For everyone who has contributed to the Give A Little, we are blown away by your generosity and can't thank you enough. We are sorry we aren't able to message everyone individually to say thank you.

    We will keep giving updates where we can as things progress and do our best to respond to messages while we juggle work, hospital, and care for our baby girl.

    Jimmy, Brynn, Quinn 💚💚💚

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  • Brave little fighter

      28 February 2024
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    On behalf of Brynn, Jimmy and Quinn we would like to thank you for the immense outpouring of love and support over the past three weeks since their world was turned upside down. It has been an emotional rollercoaster of the unknown and extremely overwhelming for the most part, however they have read every single message of support and love which has helped brighten many cloudy days so far!

    Exciting news for our beautiful girl as she has been discharged from Starship hospital and graduated to “outpatient” status, which means she can spend time back in the familiarity of her home with Mum, Dad and Nona. However Quinn’s treatment plan now requires her to travel to Starship Hospital 3-4 times per week for chemotherapy, monitoring and ongoing surgeries. The side effects of treatment are challenging and heartbreaking with next to no energy, constant pain and hair loss setting in yet Quinn’s cheeky personality still shines through most days.

    Brynn and Jimmy are learning to navigate this chapter the best they can and are hanging in there, it is an extremely long road ahead requiring full time care and your continued love and support is cherished by all.


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