Raising money to send deceased innocent driver and his family to India

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Help an innocent family! Fahad leaves a wife and a 5 months old baby behind that desperately looking for our support.


I'm one of his friends who is trying to raise funds during this extremely difficult time for Fahad's young family and those close to him. With plenty of other things to worry about we want to assist them by alleviating some of the financial pressures during this time.

Fahad was the innocent driver who got killed in yesterday's hit and run tragedy. Fahad was the sole source of income for his family here in New Zealand ( Wife and a 6-month old son). Friends here in New Zealand are raising funds to contribute the costs for covering:

(1) the transportation and required paperwork needed to send the body;

(2) to pay for the airfare for the family (wife and son) to India;

(3) to support his wife and son's cost of living till they are able to self sustain

(4) to support the education of his son

Please support this cause.

More info on the tragedy here - https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/100154248/one-killed-three-lives-destroyed-after-alleged-drinkdriver-smashes-into-taxi


Kashif Quadri's involvement (page creator)

I'm one of the deceased family friends who is raising and collecting funds on behalf of the family. You can contact me on 02102700768 if you need more information.

Use of funds

All the funds will get deposited into my account and will be used for family's support.

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Latest update

Pray for the family.  1 January 2018

The burial rituals for Fahad are now complete and we pray that he rest in peace.

This is the first time since Fahad's son had met his grand parents. The is no replacement to their loss, pray that the family is blessed with patience and the path forward is less painful.

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Snell Packaging & Safety Ltd on 08 Jan 2018
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Pawan Pathela on 05 Jan 2018
Winifred on 05 Jan 2018
My sympathy is with you in this tragic loss of your husband, the loved supporter of you and your baby.
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Guest Donor on 05 Jan 2018

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Paying to a verified bank account of Abedi Nishat on behalf of Fahad's Family
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