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Please help baby Kaan - infantile hypophosphatasia

on 7 Aug 2019

Sheree asks

Heya, I was hoping that Anna Lakeman might be able to get in contact with me about help/advice on getting prescription medicine from overseas.



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on 31 Jul 2019

Brenda asks

I'm in ktown I have a big bag of clothing for ur boy some newborn to 3 months but a lot of 3 months to 6 months as my boy is 8mth now can get me on my email

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on 29 Jul 2019

Jo asks

Hi Tracey

If ongoing funding is what you require, try You can set up different levels that people can support on a monthly basis, for example $1 per month, or $5, or $10, etc. That way you can receive regular funds and your contributors can give what they can afford.

Regards Jo

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on 24 Jul 2019

Lynne asks

I was thinking the same is Nick has commented. If you could find people who would be happy to make a one off donation each year for his treatment, that would certainly give some certainty for you and your family , and take some of the added pressure and worry away.....

He is a gorgeous wee boy and I would be happy to donate $20 each year. Perhaps if you were able to get 5000 amazing people who would do that same, then we could all make this happen for you all.

My email is lynne., You are all in my thoughts. x

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on 23 Jul 2019

Nick asks

Hi Tracey,

Firstly I'm so sorry to hear about your poor little guy, truly a heartbreaking situation and I can only imagine how incredibly tough it must be on you and your family.

Obviously on going funding is crucial in this circumstance, do you think there is a way to find people who would be happy to donate an amount each and every year as long as there was a need for it? I would be happy to put my hand up for $1000 a year ongoing and I think I could find others who would be too. Is this a strategy you think would be worth looking at?


Thank you so much for your message, so much appreciated! That is definitely a good idea if the funding doesn’t come in, still won’t know for few week or so yet, but will definitely keep in touch :) thank you once again from baby kaan and me xx

Tracey Roberts
on 23 Jul 2019

Anna asks

Hi Tracey, Don't know if you need it but I'd like to offer my help/advice about importing prescription meds from overseas. I've just gone through the process myself and it took months. I could help you save precious time.

Kind regards,

Anna Lakeman


Thank you so much for your message, if you could give me a email at I would be much appreciated xx thank you once again.

Tracey Roberts
on 22 Jul 2019

Meghan asks

Hi Tracey,

I am a reporter for the NZ Herald and saw your Givealittle page for your son Kaan.

I wondered whether you would be willing to speak with me further about this for an article?

If so, please contact me on


Meghan Lawrence.

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