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Rebuild Tapu Te Ranga Marae

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    Amy asks

    Kia ora

    May we please also help you to apply for funding from Central government initiatives? Marae ora funding may be available.

    Nga mihi


    on 10 Jun 2019

    • Tapu Te Ranga (Charitable) Trust

      Tapu Te Ranga (Charitable) Trust

      Tēnā Koe,

      Thank you for your suggestion and support!

      We're currently working through the beginnings of what the future of Tapu Te Ranga looks like.

      As part of the process in the near future we'll be looking at funding and initiatives that may be able to help us with the rebuild - a task that will require a lot of planning and finances.

      We'll be keeping everyone updated via the Tapu Te Ranga Facebook page and appreciate your suggestions and support.

      If you'd like to provide professional support please contact:

      We really appreciate the overwhelming aroha,

      The Tapu Te Ranga Whānau.

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    Rachel asks

    Can you explain why there was no insurance?

    on 10 Jun 2019

    • Tapu Te Ranga (Charitable) Trust

      Tapu Te Ranga (Charitable) Trust

      Tēnā Koe,

      To answer your question insurance premiums became overly unaffordable for the Marae to pay and therefore at the time of the fire the Marae was uninsured.

      Ngā Mihi

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    Robert asks

    Please please please, follow procedure with this rebuild if and I hope it ever happens. The building code is there for a reason, in this case to save lives and mitigate the chance of this sort of thing happening.

    on 10 Jun 2019

    • Tapu Te Ranga (Charitable) Trust

      Tapu Te Ranga (Charitable) Trust

      Tēnā koe,

      Thank you for your aroha and well wishes!

      Fortunately no lives were lost due to procedure that was in place.

      The buildings that were inhabited and lost were compliant with council standards.

      We will be working closely with the WCC from now in order to rebuild a safe Tapu Te Ranga Marae, a loving place for our community.

      Thanks again for your support,

      The Tapu Te Ranga Whānau.

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    Allan asks

    I am very sorry to hear of your loss. I hope that the community will build again and be stronger for the experience Kia Kaha,

    I note that my receipt does not show your charitable status can you please confirm that to GiveaLittle

    Arohanui Allan

    on 9 Jun 2019

    • Tapu Te Ranga (Charitable) Trust

      Tapu Te Ranga (Charitable) Trust

      Tēnā Koe Allan,

      Charitable Trust status has been confirmed with Givealittle for tax credit reasons for donors as well.

      If you need a new receipt please contact givealittle as they handle that side of things.

      Thank you so much for your support,

      the Tapu Te Ranga Whānau.

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