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Renee’s breast cancer was bad enough. But brain cancer is even worse, as she can no longer work to help support her family.

on 22 Sep 2021

Memphis asks

Hi there. I am so sorry for your recent news. I was wondering if you have heard of Professor Charlie Teo based in Australia? He is a maverick in the field of neurosurgery and he saved the life of a friends partner whom had been told he had terminal brain tumours and noone in NZ would operate. They raised $100k and got to have the surgery just in time. Hes comprehensive, controversial and aggressive in his approach but has saved many peoples lives or bought them a lot more time than prognosis by others. Maybe just maybe he can do something where other surgeons won't. Just felt I needed to share this info. Apologies if I have stepped over a line....but wishing you the very best of care and love. Xx

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on 20 Sep 2021

Kylie asks

Hi, just wanted to let you know about TimeOut Charity in case it is something you would like to look into. for more info or email me at and I can let you know more about it. Take care x

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on 10 Sep 2021

yoka asks

OMG now I know why you had to cancel your appointment. Can we help with meals too for your family? Yoka


Hi yoga its renees partner dave here renee is in hospital at the moment they are trying to get her medication right to stop the seizures so she can have oncology and radiation treatments. thanks for the offer of help. her is a site set up to help with meals. https//

thanks dave

Renee Boyd

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