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Rhianna & Daeshaun's Journey

on 25 Jan 2018

Liz asks

Hi Rhianna, I saw your article in the Napier Mail and I would like to help. I own Provencal Interior design and I would like to do up your room with the help of family, friends and suppliers. I will contact suppliers and get donations of paint, fabric etc and I have friends and family who would like to help with time and labour. Please email me so we can talk further Thank you

Liz, Aimee and Margie

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on 5 Jan 2018

Anna asks

Hi Rhianna I am truly sorry to hear what you're going through. Although i didn't get cancer I got very sick at the beginning of the year while pregnant and because of that I lost my son. I am a bit of an artist and while i may not be able to come to your home to help make up your room i would love to paint you something to put in it. Would that be something you'd like?

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on 7 Mar 2017

Jahzara asks

Hi Rhianna,

I am 12 and as a school project we have to do a project on an inspirational nz kiwi of our choices and I was looking for someone to do and I stumbled across your story and now I am very moved and inspired. Would you be open to me doing you for this ?

All my prayers and thoughts for you and your son.

Please email me on



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on 5 Mar 2017

Mauro asks

Hi Rhianna, my name is Mauro i'm from Argentina, i have 20 yr old, i'm not speak english but i'm working hard to tell you: There is a hope, the cure is Jesus Christ, trust.

If you wanna talk my facebook is or my email is

There is nothing to lose. He wants to heal you, and give yourself a life together Deashaun. God bless you.

PD: Sorry for the mistakes, the translator is bad haha

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on 3 Mar 2017

Lauren asks

Hi Rhianna.

My name is Lauren Irvine and I'm a writer at Take 5 and Lucky Break magazines.

I was hoping to speak to you about your story and potentially publish it in both our Australian and New Zealand Magazines.

We're happy to pay you for your time and read the story back to you before it goes to print :)

My email is

Kind Regards,

Lauren Irvine

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on 3 Mar 2017

Millie asks

Hi Rhianna, I'm from 1 NEWS NOW and saw your inspiring story on Stuff and am now writing a story about this Givealittle page. I was wondering if you'd be able to answer a few questions today? Thanks, Millie


Hi Millie that is absolutely fine :)

Rhianna Truman

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