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Riley's fight against Leukaemia

  • Our warrior keeps on going      30 July 2020
    Posted by: Callan Lombaard
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    so its been a few months now since diagnoses and we feel like we are slowly getting back some sense of normality, what ever normal is now post COVID.

    Riley has been responding amazingly well on treatment and we have had more good than bad days which we are greatful for ♡ he continues having chemo each week in IV form and spinal and blood work. Overall he is doing amazingly well and we can only hope it continues this way for us.

    There is still a long way to go but we are on the right track for sure ♡

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  • Nearing the end of Phase 1 - Induction...     12 May 2020
    Posted by: Callan Lombaard
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    In just 5 days Riley will be having his 2nd Bone Marrow biopsy which is the most important procedure in this long journey that still awaits us.... This biopsy sample will be sent to the US for testing and analysis and the outcome of this will tell us a number of things namely...

    1. If the ALL responded to the first round of chemo resulting in Remission

    2. The risk bracket Riley falls into which determines his course of treatment, drugs that will be used etc to name a few.

    This biopsy is referred to as Day 29.... the single most import day and one we will remember forever along with 16 April 2020... the day it felt like our world collapsed, the day I had to call my husband Callan to rell him the heartbreaking news on the phone due to COVID19 and the start of our childhood cancer journey with our then 3 yr old son.

    So for now we take advantage of the good days until the elusive Day 29 comes round and then we wait until the results come back from the US.

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  • Change of donee information     4 May 2020
    Posted by: Callan Lombaard

    I have asked the Give a Little team to please update the donee details to be in my husband Callan Lombaards name due to my drivers license being stolen in hospital along with my purse 5 weeks while in hospital after my back surgery.

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  • Update 3: Many ups but really low downs     26 April 2020
    Posted by: Callan Lombaard
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    Thank you for all your support, prayers and donations, wow, we are blown away♡

    Our little warrior Riley is still putting up the biggest fight of his life! He is many a urses favorite as he mostly just takes his oral meds like a trooper with little to know fuss and always has a smile for them atleast once on their shift.

    He had his 3rd dose of chemo on Friday and sadly, this one has knocked the wind right out of him :( He has been nauseous and sick, sleeping for up to 5 hours during the day today and not eating and drinking as well as before.

    Thus far the oncologists (yes plural, he has 4 of them) are happy with his response to treatment and overall well being and because he is putting up such a fight from the get go but as a mum, it is heart breaking at times.

    On the upside, the wonderful Child Cancer Foundation are busy arranging accommodation and flights for the rest of our family (twin bro Morgan, dad and big sister) to join us for the remainder of Rileys treatment in CHC from the week of 4 May. I have never yearned or longed for the arms of my husband and kids to be wrappednaround me as much as now!

    We are not counting down the days of isolation to end for lockdown as we have just entered the journey of another 6 months or more of lockdown with little warrior Riley not being allowed contact with too many ppl for the fear of germs, winter bugs and so on making him really sick :( Every time we spike a fever now of over 38 and under 35, we will be asked to come to hospital. But until we are out in the big big world again, we are safely cocooned in CHC Hospital ♡

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  • Update 2 - A special bittersweet Day - 21/04     21 April 2020
    Posted by: Callan Lombaard
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    Riley, today you and Morgan are celebrating your 4th birthday... wow where has the time gone! I am sorry that you 2 have to spend this birthday apart, another 1st I would rather have not come about so soon.

    You 2 boys just keep on surprising me day after day, but you keep exceesing my expectations daily in the unfortunate situation we have found ourselves.

    Yesterday 20/04 you had so many 1sts in just one day and you handled each one like a champ...

    - First theatre experience

    -- First surgery

    - First anaesthesia

    - First dose of chemo (IT)

    - First Lumber Punch

    But you handled it all like a champ and you were amazing!

    Today 21/04 you and your twin brother Morgan celebrate uour 4th Birthday and eventhough its not together physically, you will always be bonded by only twins can be!

    Keep fighting our little warrior, you have got this ♡

    Happy Birthday Riley, dad, mum, Morgan and Jords love you lots.

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  • Update 1 and a thank you     19 April 2020
    Posted by: Callan Lombaard
    Main image

    End of Day 2 at CHOC - day 3 since being diagnosed...

    Today was a good pain day. We only had 1 minor cry as we woke up but we now get Paracetamol every 6 hours and that seems to do the trick.

    We have diarrhea due to the antibiotics and I think I have changed 10+ nappies since 1pm, bedding changed 3 x before we got disposable liners on and since then I have changed liners 5 x too. Each nappy no matter what has to be saved to be weighed for liquid out put as we need the kidneys to function well for the start of chemo Monday.

    But he remains as friendly and chipper as can be expected...

    Rileys 2nd Oncologist came by today and gave me lesson no2 - The treatment plan and chemo meds that will be used, side effects, duration and 4 packs of paperwork to read and sign.... i got to read up to page 3 of pack 1 lol One day at a time!

    The treatment starts officially Monday 20 April:

    1. First time ever going to theatre, having anaesthetic.

    2. Lumber Puncher to test levels of leukemia cells in Rileys spinal fluid / brain fluid.

    3. Bone Marrow biopsie to test and officially confirm that it is definitely ALL, how advanced it is and how hard we need to treat it these first 4 weeks with chemo.

    4. First dose of chemo will be injected into his spinal fluid in theatre because the chemo meds dont penetrate the spinal/brain fluid so well.

    Depending on outcome of tests from this, he may or may not need this spinal fluid dose to be given this one daily for 4 weeks.

    This was a lot to take in and he shared more with me but its too much for now. I will leave you with saying its been a good day for Riley and aslong as Riley is good, mum will be ok ♡

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