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A community space to nurture the health and wellbeing of our community and the ecosystem in which it is situated.


Roimata Food Commons is led by a charitable trust, Roimata Commons Trust, to empower the community to co-create the space in a way that best nourishes our hapori/community. We started in 2017 and have held many events to provide opportunities to the people of Woolston and beyond, as well as to nurture and replenish the natural systems in Radley Park. It is only in the last 6 months that we have had the resources to pay for a co-ordinator, everything else has and will be done voluntarily.

Since starting planting in August 2017, we have added over 100 Heritage fruit and nut trees, 1000+ native plants, herbs, berries, vegetables, flowers and perennial plants into the spaces. To accommodate all this we have landscaped 2 Food Forest areas, a mixed fruit garden, 4 native plant clusters, and more recently a community gardening/gathering space.

Why Roimata Food Commons?

We have always held the intention of exploring what can be created in a space like Radley Park. If we had named it a community garden, then I believe many people would have certain expectations as to what that space might look, feel and behave like. The term Commons comes from a structure that used to be present in many places around the globe. Essentially it means a space that holds or creates resources that is nurtured by its community for the long term benefit of the community.

It is important for us that people know that they can access the produce at Roimata at anytime of any day, all that we ask is that you wait till it is ready, only take what you need and be careful when harvesting not to damage the plant itself. We don't expect that you come to a working bee to access the produce, however we would love for you to do that and help us grow this space in a way that helps to nourish you.

Use of funds

To allow Roimata Commons Trust to keep funding the position of Kaitiaki and the supporting projects that we have planned over the next few years.

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Awesome work. I love it
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I am making a donation as my Christmas gift to my father.
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