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Child Scholarships 2021 impacted by Covid 19 - Rotary supports New Zealand's near neighbours in Pacific countries

  • Covid outbreak in Fiji - children's education the top priority

      5 November 2021

    Children's education in Fiji has been impacted throughout 2021 with schools closed for most of the year. Families are also suffering hardship with lack of employment and rising costs. Numbers of requests from schools to fund children's education in 2022 is unprecedented.

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  • Covid outbreak in Fiji - children's education a top priority

      11 August 2021

    The ongoing Covid outbreak in Fiji necessitates the need for additional funding for the 2022 year as families continue to struggle to provide the basics of life. Uninterrupted education of children remains a top priority.

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  • Covid outbreak hits Fiji

      21 May 2021

    Covid restrictions are placing an additional burden on families to provide for their children's education resulting in further requests for support,

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  • Students are committed to achieve excellence.

      29 March 2021

    The students are selected, with support of the school principal and primary school head teacher. In past years, every student receiving a scholarship was in the top 10% in their class. Ten went on to receive a fully funded scholarship at University of South Pacific, whilst others received partly funded USP scholarships. The students commitment endorses the value of the scholarships.

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  • Mango Tree Centre for the Disabled - Tonga

      28 August 2020

    The needs of the disabled are very much neglected in Tonga. They receive no financial support. Many families with severely disabled family members live in deplorable conditions. Mango Tree Centre supports 1,000 disabled people, giving dignity to those that are most vulnerable.

    Mango Tree Newsletter August 2020:

    "The Mango Tree Centre was also able to provide relief supplies, including urgently needed grain, food and daily necessities, to families with disabilities who have lost their jobs or suffered financial difficulties due to the Covid-19, and families with disabilities who suffered severe damage to their homes or crops due to the tropical Cyclone Harold at the same time, all with the support of Rotary Clubs.

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