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A Good Man who needs Fairness & Justice. Roy is on remand in Albany Prison, near Perth, W.A. and we want to support his legal defence.

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  Nelson / Tasman In Need Advocacy Legal

In February 2016 Roy was arrested at Perth International Airport, and charged with importing 6kg of cocaine. Anyone who knows Roy will know that Roy would not willingly have anything to do with drugs, and we believe that he has been duped. If that wasn't bad enough, some months ago Roy was scammed out of $200,000 by people purporting to be lawyers acting for a deceased estate, from which Roy would inherit. Roy recently sold his home near Barrytown, and moved to Greymouth. Many people are aware of these scams and we're cautious and sceptical, but Roy wasn't. Roy is now completely broke. He's a good-hearted, moral, wholesome & clean-living man, and has often helped with dangerous and shocking Search & Rescue operations, including the ghastly business of recovering the bodies of the 257 people from Air NZ flight TE901 on Mt Erebus, Antarctica in 1979, and the Cave Creek disaster in 1995. His exemplary and selfless work has been recognised by the NZ Police and others.

Several of Roy's friends and family have agreed to chip-in, and also to raise funds for Roy's lawyer's travel costs. His NZ lawyer, Craig Tuck, will work for free in Roy's case but we would like his reasonable travel expenses reimbursed. His Australian Legal-aide lawyer will benefit with expert assistance from Craig. Without a vigorous defence Roy will not have a fair crack at receiving justice, and it is likely that he will be imprisoned for five years. A decent society should not punish someone solely for his naivety and foolishness.

David Renwick's involvement (page creator)

Roy is my ex-brother-in-law, and our family tramped and climbed with him. We recognise that he's a good moral man and shouldn't be punished for this.

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Roy in Yonga Hill Detention Centre  8 September 2017

Posted by: David Renwick

Roy just rang to say his new phone number is 0061896217048, extension 8020.

He will be speaking with Australian Border Force about being served with the necessary Removal Order and the fastest way to repatriation.

We shall pay for his airfare if that's expedient, and he has said that he need not be escorted (provided ABF feel that he will be boarding an aircraft to NZ I presume.)

He's heard nothing to suggest that Hon Gerry Brownlee and NZ MFAT have interceded in any way (yet?)

I began reading the trial transcript. If anyone wants it by email then just sing out.

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    Stan Sands on 02 Sep 2017



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  • Pam Milne

    Pam Milne on 02 Sep 2017


    Roy I heard your name on the radio last night .Didn't get the details but came across this site instead. You worked one season for my late husband,Mark, and I and Daniel. We all enjoyed your company and am so pleased that you have good people supporting you. sent with love


  • Chris Mann Cromwell

    Chris Mann Cromwell on 28 Aug 2017



  • Cat

    Cat on 12 Jul 2017


    Hope to see you again soon my friend


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$9,687 donated

Given by 33 generous donors in over a year

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