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Andrew runs marathons

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Andrew Runs 5 Marathons in 12 months for Mental Health

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PURPOSE: Keep mentally well and focus on running for 1 year, and raise money for the Mental Health Foundation.

GOAL: In New Zealand, In 2018 Run 5 Marathons in 12 months.


I'm a male 46 years of age have completed some running since I was 14 years of age. I have run 1 Marathon in 2010 and about 4 half marathons. I love New Zealand and running and fitness.

I have a Business Studies degree in Information Systems from Massey University in 1990.

My hobbies are; Gardening, Stamp Collecting, Cycling and Running.

I am currently single and unemployed. I have suffered mental illness and depression.


I suffered depression in 2004, as a consequence I lost my wife, career, life savings, home and my pet dalmatian dog Lexi.

I breathed in car fumes from a faulty exhaust on my vehicle while living in Wellington. This casued me to scratch my face and to be light headed, like feeling out of it, at the time I said it felt like I was on P. My life then spiralled down; I lost my job, I got several speeding tickets, I was scared of everyone, my marriage broke up and I lost my home.

As something to do.... I started running every second day, this was started at Mount Managanui, while I was living in a tent, in Mt Maunganui Beachside Hoilday Park cental Mount. I latter ran the Tauranga CitytoSurf half marathon in 2012. I also ran the Tauranga half Marathon 7-Oct-2017.

With the help of Community Mental Health and Mental Health Foundation, I have slowly put my life back togeather.

-In 2010 I ran the 25th Wellington Marathon, this was my first marathon. -In 2016 I completed in the sustainable art challenge, I made a tin flintstone car out of recycled mental tins and rivets. -I have completed a photography pathways course for 10 weeks at the Tauranga Bay Of Plenty Polytechnic.

-I have planted a no dig garden for 5 years and currently have a garden to attrack the butterflys and to grow some vegs. I also so have planted around 20 seed punnets -I am a volunteer of Alzheimers Tauranga. -I have written over 700 poems as part of my recovery. -I have taken 1500 flower photos and some framed. -I also now attend Elim church in Tauranga. -In October 2017 I ran the Tauranga half Marathon


Some of my values are;

-Be active,* -No violence against woman, -Recycle and reuse where possible, -Be respectful, -Connect * and Give * to community, -Maintain Integrity, -Hope for a better future -Believe in God, -Keep learning,* -Take notice, * -Bring some peace to the world.

* 5 strategies, Ways to Wellbeing - from the Mental Health Foundation of NZ.


1. Rotorua Marathon –5May2018, 2. Tauranga International Marathon –Oct2018, 3. Wellington Marathon –June-2018. 4. ASB Auckland Marathon –28Oct-2018, 5. Air NZ Queenstown International Marathon –Nov-2018


I would like to run 5 Marathons In 12 months for good mental health and the Mental Health Foundation. I will register and maintain my Mitsubishi L300 van. I will stay at the events in my van which has a bed, sink and gas stove.

I would like to raise a total of $10- $13,000 from donations.40% of funds rasied will go to the Mental Health Foundation and 60% will go to expenses for 1 year.

Money can be donated through a givealittle page “Andrew Runs 5 Marathons in 12 months for Mental Health”

I would like to run as I'm recoverying from mental illness and depression, I would like to make running my job for 1 year. I would be greatful for some financial support. Please see below appendix showing my hope poem.



Hope Poem for Sponsor

Written by Andrew Weatherley 24-Sept-2014

What do you know about Hope? I hope that I make it home tonight! Hope is checky! Hope is my supermarket supervisor! Hope is indefatigable! Hope is transparent and invisible! Hope is against all odds! Hope is not angrey! Hope, Compassion and Love go togeather! Ernst Hemingway Lost Hope! Ernst Hemingway committed sucide! The Menlth Health System approach is hope centred,Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters,Brothers, Sisters, Aunties, Uncles, Wifes, Friends................. give you hope! Hope is the light at the end of the tunnel! Hope is bound in faith,Hope brings change!Hope is gentleness!Hope is a vision!..........

I have hope for the future!

I hope that I can walk thru that door!I hope that I have friends!! I hope that I make it home tonight! I hope that I make it home tonight! Hope has power, magic and genius! What do you know about Hope?

Can you help me achieve my hopes and dreams!


Estimated Financial cost, to complete five running events;

Van transport costs $2,365.40

Marathon Event Costs $2,775.00

Contingency $1,459.6

Total Expenses $6,600

Page created by:

Andrew Weatherley

Bay of Plenty

Depending on how much is raised I want 40% of donations to go to the Mental Health Foundation. Will you please help me participate in running marathons, my total goal is between $11-$15,000

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Andrew Weatherley.

  • $1,488.00 donated
  • 13 generous donors

$1,488 donated

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