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Tarawera Ultra (100miler) in gumboots and completing 1,600 Burpees for the 'Huntly Team Little Big Bots'

  • Thankyou message

      28 February 2021

    Kia ora everyone,

    Before the givealittle page closes later on today, I would like to thank you all for donating to a great cause and for the wonderful messages.

    Your support and love means so much to me. If anyone wants to add me on Facebook or Instagram feel free to add me, just search Paora Raharaha. Or Ants Pitman on Facebook, we are happy to help out where we can.

    2 weeks after the event, I am still healing and taking things slow. I look forward to doing more Ultra Marathons in the near future.

    Me and Ants are really grateful for everyone's donation. At the start I thought we might raise $2,000 max but we are fortunate enough to have raised way more !

    The money will get put to good use and the kids we fundraised for will have a brighter future, thanks to you all.

    Nga mihi,

    Paora Raharaha

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    • 05/03/2021 by Jo


      I chatted to you very briefly that morning soon after we kicked off at Te Puia. I think you were about to do your first (or maybe second) set of burpees as we headed off into the morning darkness and I was wooping and hollering about it as you dropped to the ground! I said I was going to donate and by the time I came to do it, your page has been closed. Is there another way I can do this? I really would like to honour my word.

      I have to admit to thinking that there was no way you would be able to do the miler...please forgive me on that one...more fool me! I also listened to the interview you did with Taks and loved hearing the ins and outs of your day and night, the massive motivation behind the cause, along with your strength to break out of situation you were in earlier on in life.

      I too finish the miler that day. I am stoked...and relieved not to have to go back and try again! We will forever have this in common and your inspiration will linger long with me as well.

      Many thanks


    • 05/03/2021 by Paora

      Kia ora Jo,

      I remember, I was on my second set of Burpees 🙂 it's ok, I know you would have donated. You not forgetting is more than enough. So thank you.

      And no hard feelings haha, most people thought I wouldn't make it considering it was my first miler, so it's allgood.

      Yes, I was all over the place with Taks, I was so tired haha. And yes ! We will forever have that in common. Well done on completing your miler, it was the toughest course I had been on !

      Nga mihi,

      Paora Raharaha