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Samoan Women's Farming Calendar - Fundraiser to support Organic Cocoa Growers


      30 May 2022
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    Last week we closed off our Fundraiser activities at Blessed Earth Plantation in Saleimoa, the home our members Suela and Tausala Cook. Despite the restrictions of Covid-19 lockdowns which highly impacted our activities, we still managed to raise NZD$22,100. We didn't reach our goal of SAT$60,000, but at least with something...the women could start to purchase materials and begin building their dry-houses.

    The women actually worked for this money by having their photo taken, setting up markets, attending promotional evenings and meeting together to run trainings, and plan activities to improve their farm and livelihoods.

    As a result of this 1-year initiative, seven of our women export their cocoa; a permanent market for 3-days has been set up for their produce to be sold locally; all farms now have a regular online presence to promote their activities, and we continue to support each other on the ground.

    This initiator of the Calendar; Ms Sunshine Organic Farms Charitable Trust is also the creator and producer of the upcoming show @pacificcacaoandchocolate in Auckland, on July 23rd. (

    Five of our group are exhibiting to represent Samoa at this inaugural Pacific cocoa event.

    We continue to be supported by our major partners SPS Biosecurity, Grow Asia Pacific and MFAT NZ.

    But our deepest appreciation goes out to all our donors for helping to make this happen. Fa'afetai tele lava le Alofa ma le agalelei.

    If you wish to meet our farming group please come to the Pacific Cacao & Chocolate 2022 Show. Book on;

    Our Samoan Booth is especially Sponsored by our Fairtrade and Organic partner Thank you for your support of women farmers.

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  • Fa'afetai tele lava. Thank you.

      1 March 2022
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    On behalf of our Samoan Women's Farming Calendar group in Samoa, our Project Funders MFAT and partners SPS Biosecurity, Grow Asia Pacific, and

    Ms Sunshine Organic Farms Charitable Trust; we thank you all again for your kindness. Although we didn't manage to sell all 5000 calendars printed, we were still able to raise more than NZD$15k between our retail sales and this crowd funding opportunity. We are hoping to launch and distribute the funds collected in Samoa by April 2022.

    Funds will go towards the building of cocoa drying facilities, fermentation equipment for the women.

    If you wish to stay connected with us and our project, please follow our page @samoanwomensfarmingcalendar on Facebook

    Fa'afetai tele lava le alofa,

    Faalualuo Floris Niu.

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  • Great News! We are extending our Fundraiser!!

      29 January 2022
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    With all the all the crazy Covid-19 lockdowns in Samoa and red-traffic lights system in NZ, we have been stuck in Auckland for another month. We are giving it another go with our fundraiser and this time our calendars are really reduced. Now, a $20 Donation will get you 1 calendar and FREE shipping anywhere in NZ. $40 Donation will get you 1 calendar and Free shipping anywhere in the World. We are so happy to be almost giving away this beautiful calendar. It's not just to plan the year, it's an treasured memory of Samoa and a way to support your farming families back home. Thanks again from all of us on the Farm.

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  • Thank you from All of Us at Samoan Women's Farming Calendar group

      27 January 2022
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    As we draw our fundraiser to a close, we wish to thank all the amazing people who believed in us, and the work we are doing for our Agriculture sector in Samoa. Althouh this fundraiser was based in NZ, 70% of our donors were from outside NZ and Samoa. By now you should all have calendars, but if not, please contact us immediately as we have some left over in NZ. We be taking the rest to Samoa to share with our village communities.

    Aotearoa, kia ora, ka pai.

    Thanks especially to for this platform.

    Thanks to Radio Samoa, PMN, 531PI, Tagata Pasifika, Blutv, Pea & Claudia podcast and ET LIVE.

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  • Happy New Year to All our Donors and Supporters

      8 January 2022
    Main image

    2022 has started and we hope you have a Calendar to help you set some new and exciting goals this year!

    On behalf of our Samoan Women's Farming Calendar group in Samoa, I wish to sincerely thank you all who have kindly donated towards this cause for rural women farmers. I'm sure many of you will agree that in times like these, we have to choose work that is meaningful and rewarding for us and our families. Farming in the Pacific, particularly organic, smallholder farming, is making a brave comeback. As women in our communities, we have to take matters into our own hands, when it comes to food security.

    It's not too late to support us. You can donate up until 30th January, and $20 will get you a calendar and free postage within NZ. $50 will get you 2 calendars and free shipping anywhere else in the world.

    Thank you also to all the wonderful Post Shops in Auckland who took on our calendars to support us.

    Post Shop Wellesley Street, CBD

    Post Shop Otara shopping

    Post Shop Glen Eden shopping

    Post Shop Kelston shopping

    Post Shop Mangere Bridge shopping

    SSAB Sei Oriana Gift Shop Mangere

    Bluwave Media Manukau

    Radio Samoa 🇼🇸 Manukau

    PMN Radio 531pi

    Blutv Podcasts

    ET Live Podcast

    Tagata Pasifika Media NZ

    The Coconet TV NZ

    SSAB Apia

    Lalelei gift shop Pago Pago

    SSAB American Samoa

    Agnes' Florist and Tropical Garden Samoa

    Polynesian Xplorer Samoa

    BSL Business Systems Ltd Samoa

    The Government of Samoa

    The Ministry of Agriculture Samoa

    SPS Biosecurity Ltd NZ

    Ms Sunshine Organic Farms Charitable Trust Samoa

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) NZ

    Thank you so much and God Bless!

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  • Some Feedback on this Beautiful Calendar from one of our Donors...

      17 November 2021
    Main image


    It was so exciting last night to come back to a flat pack on my door step. Yes, the calendars. They look so good!

    Surprising too as they reminded me so much of my dear friend and mentor Leuluaiallii Litia, a wonderful friend, who was one of the first to establish the rent a pot plant scheme in Apia. I first met Litia way back in the early eighties when I worked with the Australian Volunteers Abroad scheme and Samoa was one of my countries. At that time Litia worked in the Public Service Commission. What a great time we had together. I remember her garden and absolute love of flowers.

    I do hope that people continue to support your project and that the contributors continue to gain confidence for the work they are doing.

    Fa’afetai tele lava.

    (Helen from Australia)

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  • The Return of Brave Women Farmers to the Land- Tagaloa Anamaitu Penina Vau Puni-Khan: Featured in the month of October

      17 November 2021
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    "Reminiscing the past, especially the late 1950's to early 1970's, brings back memories of my parents’ mixed plantation of talo, taamu, yam, banana, koko and coconut.

    The thrill of carrying two little coconut-leaf baskets filled with passion-fruits and mamere beans for my grandparents, is part of those beautiful memories. This has instilled a burning desire in my heart to engage in farming, hence my return in 2017 to my roots as the keeper of my paternal and maternal customary lands at this point in time.

    This passion identifies my destiny that I, Tagaloa Anamaitu Penina Vau Afamasaga Puni-Khan must go back to basics with regards to developing and cultivating our God-given inheritance – our ancestral lands.

    I have been tirelessly establishing my Tuafalepulu Organic Koko Orchard in Samatau, and the Afamasaga Maturino Organic Mix Crop in Fasitootai.

    Dreams, plans and goals:

    To be a role model to the young women of my villages.

    To ensure that our family lands are protected.

    To be financially independent.

    To promote community quality lifestyle through employment, outsourcing and sharing knowledge acquired, not only from Women’s Farming Group, but from previous experiences to improve the lot and standard of living of all women.

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  • A little more about our Farmers..

      13 November 2021
    Main image

    Agnes Florist & Tropical Plants is a beautiful tropical garden and fruit plantation that includes honey bees and other wildlife! Agnes and Melanie Erichsen who feature in our calendar, have been in the plant business for more than 30 years. They are one of the first growers to import rare tropical plants from many parts of the world to Samoa.

    Their garden is a delight to walk through, not just for the rare and exquisite plants/ flowers, but also for the ingenious way Melanie has created garden artworks from recycled and repurposed materials that she collects from everywhere.

    When you walk through the colourful and winding paths of this tropical paradise, it's like walking through a living art gallery.

    Tana, Melanie's talented and tech-savvy 20 year-old son, is responsible for the vibrant photos on their page.

    A few years ago, Melanie was inspired by our cacao farm that she decided to plant a few cacao trees in her garden, and soon after she learned how to make chocolate from the beans.

    She has also harvested her first batches of honey from her beehive installed last year!

    They sell everything from plants, fruits, honey, cakes, pickles and jams. It is truly an indulgent gem in Apia.

    She will be selling at the Sails Markets in Mulinu'u, on November 20th. She also runs a regular stall at the STA/SHA night markets.😍

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  • A little bit more about our farmers...

      9 November 2021
    Main image

    As the creator of this initiative and group, I have know some of these women since the beginning of my farming journey.

    Featured in January are sisters Tua and Lise. They work a block of 100+ acres of land with just three permanent workers, to grow traditional crops and fruit trees like cocoa and mangoes, cashew nuts, giant guavas, avocados and cucumbers.

    They have grown children who live abroad but they prefer to live off the land in Samoa.

    February - Tausala Cook has inherited her father's love of the land and her mother's green fingers. She is raising four handsome boys on 200+ acres in Saleimoa village. Her parents farm (Malaefono Plantations), was the first in the Pacific region to become certified organic. The farm has multiple crops, some of which has been exported to NZ in the past and supplies the local hotels, restaurants and cafes.

    March - Fuatino Moli is a seasoned village farmer specialising in above-ground vegetables and cocoa. She grows a large variety in a combination of tunnel houses and outdoor, multicrop system.

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