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Our daughter has to go in for spinal/brain surgery


hi our 5 yr old daughter has ben diagnosed with syringiomyelia she has a syrinx in her spinal column in lamens terms her entire spinal column from base of her brain to her tail bone is filled with fluid which in a years time would have her paralysed the neurosurgeon said its severe and the worst case hes ever seen sara has to have 1cm of spine 2cm of skull and the part of her tonsils (that's what the base of the brain is called appearantly!) removed so the fluid can drain we want 2 be able to spend the entire week up in hospital with her post op but to do this we need someone to look after our boys and pets who will require assistance financially to do so and also my wife or I don't own a car so we will be needing a lot of busfare or petrol money for friends so we can be going back and forth checking on our sons and getting meals/food for ourselves etc

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Nessa Limmer
Nessa Limmer on 05 May 2016
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 05 May 2016
God bless little one!
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 04 May 2016
Amy on 04 May 2016
You guys are always in my thoughts. Sorry I can't give you much.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 04 May 2016

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This campaign started on 27 Apr 2016 and ended on 6 May 2016.