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Talk Peach is a registered charity founded by ovarian cancer survivors.

It’s clear from our perspective that gynaecological cancers are not talked about enough or a well profiled cause.

There are five gynaecological cancers: uterine, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal, together they kill 1 New Zealander every 24 hours, that's higher than our road toll.

The survival rate for ovarian cancer sits at 36%, breast cancer used to have a similar outlook, but now thanks to incredible advocacy, large-scale fundraising, an immense amount of research, public support and awareness, the 10-year breast cancer survival rate currently sits at 92% when detected via a mammogram.

Talk Peach acknowledges and applauds the tremendous outcomes in the fight against breast cancer and believe that with similar commitment and resources, we can achieve the same success for gynaecological cancers.

"In 10 years, I don't want to see that nothing has changed; I can't bear to see more and more New Zealanders dying of something they had never heard of, never knew the signs of, or that remain so underfunded in all aspects of the disease. It breaks my heart feeling like I got the cancer that no one can talk about" -Tash Crosby, Ovarian cancer survivor and Talk Peach Founder.

We must start having life-saving conversations about gynaecological health.

We need gynaecological cancer month to be as bold as other cancer awareness months.

Support us to educate, raise awareness, support those diagnosed and save lives.

About us

Gynaecological Cancer: Education, Support and Advocacy.

Ovarian, Uterine, Vulval, Vaginal and Cervical.

Use of funds

The printing and distribution of our new cervical cancer support guide, meals and physiotherapy rehabilitation for anyone diagnosed nationwide, education, awareness and advocacy.

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Heartbroken, we have raised just 11.4K of our 70K target. Please help us push this forward.   26 September 2022

Next month is breast cancer month, millions will be donated in 4 weeks. We are 3 weeks into gynaecological cancer month and we are sitting at $11K.

It's really hard to not cry, we are trying so hard yet it still feels like a deafening silence.

We find this month really difficult, it's the month we have to push the hardest but also the most triggering, as survivors it brings a lot of really scary memories back. The lack of support, the lack of funding, the appalling survival statistics, and archaic treatment options compared to other well funded cancers.

We get inundated with messages from others diagnosed, from those who have lost someone they loved dearly, it's so sad; yet here we are in 2022 with minimal raised, New Zealand is lagging so far behind the rest of the world.

If we dont change things it will be our granddaughters in the same position, fighting to even be seen.

I founded Talk Peach Gynaecological Foundation post my battle with ovarian cancer, I am so lucky to still be here. (Tash Crosby, Founder)

Today we lose someone else to a gynaecological cancer.

Please support and share this across your networks and socials, one share can make all the difference.

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