Shade's Bucket List before it's to late.

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Shades bucket list before it is to late like it was for Josh and Jade I want shade to see and experience amazing things.

Christchurch, Canterbury

Hey guys jess here again shades mother, shade has had his heart operation on the 18th August 2021 ICD is implanted and working very well, he has healed superfast which is so amazing I didnt think he would but he proved me wrong!!

The reason shade got icd is because his heart is getting thicker and it will get to the point where the heart wont pump blood around his body properly,so the icd will tell the heart transplant team when they will do heart transplant before it's to late like ny two brothers that lost there life to this heart disease.

I have been sitting back thinking all the heartbreak the hurt and how fast this disease can take our loved ones I havnt even been able to grieve for my brothers properly then now my son is having to deal with what Joshua 23 and Jade 25 who passed away at such a young age from this heart disease that I also have aswell.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

White Wolf Parkinson syndrome


I am finding it super hard and now dealing with anxiety with myself and now shade as he has seen what it done to his uncel jade who he was verrrey close with.

I want to make some of shade dreams come true

shade and myself and my wee family deserve a hoilday of some sort and TICK somethings off Shade's bucket list

*Hot pools anywhere in new Zealand

*He loves fast cars ,a ride in one or see some ;) loves holden,Subaru because that what his uncles loved;)

*Loud motorcycle or dirt bikes

*See parts of new Zealand he hasnt seen

*some sort of Adventure Park,snow or stars

*Stay somewhere he's never stayed north island or south depending on covid

*Jet boat rides

* dolphin boat kaikoura

*queenstown skyline

*nelson activities

*camping south

*lake Tekapo stars

One last wish is for a protective jacket he can wear while riding his motorbike at river with pop as heart transplant team said he needs some for safety.

Thank you for reading my givealittle for my wee family

Last of all visit uncel josh & uncle jades graves far north near xmas time if not in lockdown ;)

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I should of added my older son should be coming with us to spend time with his brother as everytime oshay stays home and looks after our pets so only fair he can come aswell.

So if anyone know amazing place that will take 3 dogs plus 2 cats that would be amazing ;) happy to pay ;)

Just thought I'd add I also have the same heart disease as my older and younger brother & my son and I also have a icd implanted aswell

So myself and shade are fighting this disease together as both my brothers lost there battle young😥

I pray we get longer and my son can have heart transplant when that time comes ❤❤

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The main goal is for shade to get to do things before his heart gets worse like it already is sadly

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Wee update   30 November 2021

Heeey guys for those who dont follow on his Facebook page, shade has done alot of amazing things !! And I will be forever greatful , but we had a wee problem on sunday sadly shade had 4 shocks from his icd while we were in hanmer springs getting ready go pools ,jet boating and on buggy , but ambo was called for him and we were taking by ambulance back to Christchurch but thankfully we spent day & night at hospital, but now hes ok just have keep eye on him from now on ❤❤

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Guest Donor on 04 Dec 2021
Hope he get well
Singh on 03 Dec 2021
Chris on 03 Dec 2021
Jessica Campbell

Thank u so much for ur kind donation

Jessica Campbell
Emilie on 03 Dec 2021
Jessica Campbell

Thank u heaps

Jessica Campbell
Jenny on 01 Dec 2021
Contact me we would love to take him for a ride on my hubbys Harley.
Jessica Campbell

Omg yaaaay in hanmer ?? We be back xx thanknu so much x x

Jessica Campbell

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