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Shelter For Ukraine

  • New deliveries

      20 June 2022
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    Hi Friends,

    We've been hard at it, since our last update, with some big changes happening this week. We have had a delivery of wood and steel, which we've been cleaning and prepping, to go into the second barn.

    The team are all working so hard and we are so proud of what we are accomplishing here, despite all the difficulties we've had with supply chains and lead times.

    In the next week the steels should be going in to support the roof and second floor of the barn. So we will post some more updates and images very soon.

    Thanks again for all your support, it truly means so much.

    Much love, Tam, Tris and the TMI team.

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  • Back at The TMI

      20 May 2022
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    Hi everyone,

    We’re back at the TMI and we’ve had a very productive week. We’ve been getting the second barn all ready for concrete laying; to create a stable floor. Norman (in the picture) is getting ready to hang one of the many doors in the building and our next delivery of materials is due soon - so we’re in the swing of things. Our next group of volunteers / workers are getting ready to come to the TMI, so we’ll have lots to update you on in the coming weeks as we get things progressing more.

    If you know anyone on this side of the world who would be interested in coming to help out, please put us in touch. The more help we can get, the faster we can get everything up and running.

    Thanks again, to all those who have donated and to those who created fundraisers with their community to donate the funds to Shelter For Ukraine, it is so appreciated.

    Until the next update.

    Much love,

    Tam & Tris ( and the team)

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  • The week so far.

      17 April 2022

    Dear Friends,

    We just wanted to inform you about the work done so far. The assessment for all the works to be done has now been finished and today we met with Karol, a local builder; who with a team of Ukrainians will be taking on some of the major parts of the build. With the help of George, our student helper, Norman the project manager has created a plan with Karol that will sped up the development and considerably shorten the time to complete everything.

    Unfortunately Tristram's step-father passed away this weekend so Tristram and I are returning to the UK to help with the arrangements.

    A family friend, Richard, has donated his time and has flown from NZ to take over doing work, in our absence, which we are hugely grateful for.

    With COVID, the war and the situation in Europe we are trying our best to keep the motivation going and hope to have more news for you when we get back to Slovakia.

    Until then, thank you all so much for all your donations, your thoughts and the shares they make all the difference.

    Much love,

    Tam & Tris

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  • Back to work

      14 April 2022
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    Dear Friends,

    We're back at the TMI and the sun is shining. Norman and the boys have been getting the site ready for our materials delivery; which was delayed because of Covid.

    We had a great weekend in Budapest meeting some of the families that are being supported by our friends there. Our basic Slovak language skills really helped with communication with them and although there were many smiles, it was hard not to feel the difficulties that they are all going through. Oli and Nastya, the young couple in the picture really want to come and help at the TMI, but they need to get their bearings and get settled first.

    It's amazing to think we've only been here three weeks.

    We'll keep you posted with updates, so until then, we would really appreciate it if you could share our page and the website

    Much love.

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  • Change of plans

      12 April 2022
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    The van we were to be delivering supplies in, across to Ukraine, got rear ended the morning we were supposed to be driving, so we got introduced to Stacy. Stacy is running a charity, working with an NGO, in Budapest that have secured temporary housing here. Looks like we're going to be building some flat pack furniture...

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    • 12/04/2022 by Corinne

      Thank you so much for the updates-you are doing a great job and it is great to know from so far away that people in Ukraine are getting help

      Keep up that good work!

      Regards Corinne Riederer

  • Mission to Hungary

      9 April 2022
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    Dear Friends,

    Just a quick update as to what’s happening at the TMi:

    The weather is getting better, so wet works will be continuing, with more materials and crew arriving next week. Tam and I have come to Budapest for a couple of days to help a couple of charities here. One of these is called the European Initiative (meet Blake and Kayla from the team), who are running food and supplies to the border and on to Lviv. The other has set up a home in Buda, that are housing refugees already, so looks like we are putting together flat pack furniture for the weekend. We’re back to the TMi on Monday so we’ll keep you updated.

    Much love, from Hungary.

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  • Snow stops play!

      3 April 2022
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    Woke up to snow this morning - first day off we've had. It's going to be -4 tonight and we're getting ready for a crazy week. We're trying to organise transportation of supplies from Budapest to Romania to help with the evacuation of Mariupol. The school is freezing, but there should be a let up in the weather later this week. Will keep you posted. Much love TMI team. X

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    • 04/04/2022 by Anne

      Well done! Heartened by your work. Anne

  • We've arrived! Now the build begins.

      30 March 2022
    Main image

    Dear friends,

    First and foremost, Tam and I and the team, want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for the incredible donations we have received. We have been overwhelmed and humbled by the people of Aotearoa and far away. We would also like to say sorry for the lack of updates, we have been completely snowed under with preparations for our return to Slovakia, and wanted you to know, we are finally here.

    The last couple of weeks have been focused on sourcing the right charities to engage with, here in Slovakia, to help with the safe relocation of families from Ukraine. We have been talking constantly with the builders that are waiting to start the build; all this while packing furiously and travelling the 19,000 Kms to get here.

    We were warmly welcomed by the village who are all behind what we are doing, but also a little nervous about new people coming into their community. It’s cold here and we’ve been staying in the house, but it looks like this weekend it will return to -4 °C, so Peter, our lovely friend and village mechanic, has offered for us to stay with him.

    Our project manager unfortunately developed Covid last week and has also had an in-law taken into hospital, so while he is waiting to come here, we have been busy organising the house and the school, with the help of our local workers; Julius and Danka. While we were away, we had a northern European pine marten, make the place her home. We haven’t seen her yet, but we don’t think she’s that happy we are back.

    There is a lot of work to do, but we are all up for the challenge. As soon as Norman the Project Manager arrives, we can start on the main build, so until then we are preparing everything we can for the team to start and places for them to sleep.

    We will keep you updated much more often, now that we are settled and we would like to ask, that if you can, please could you share the project and the givealittle page, with anyone you know.

    Much love and thanks from Tris, Tam and the team at the T.M.I

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    • 30/03/2022 by Anne

      Thank you for keeping us up to date. Much appreciated. Good luck! A

    • 10/04/2022 by Pamella

      Bless you……..the whole team.