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Show Your Aroha for Ukraine

  • 📚🇺🇦 Huge Milestone!

      15 August 2023
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    Last Saturday was an unforgettable moment as we joyously presented the "Aroha for Ukraine" book to Ukrainian families who've recently found their new home in New Zealand! 🎉 This remarkable year-and-a-half-long journey culminated in a heartwarming milestone that goes far beyond just a book launch. It embodies the unbreakable human spirit and the remarkable impact of uniting for a noble cause. 💪🌏

    The project's journey stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of numerous volunteers who poured countless hours into making this vision a reality. 🙌 We had the privilege to express our deepest gratitude to these incredible individuals who played a pivotal role in this remarkable voyage.

    We're deeply appreciative of the generous donations received via our Give A Little page, which financed both the project and last Saturday's momentous event. 🙏

    May the spirit of Aroha for Ukraine inspire us all to cultivate empathy, nurture unity, and spread love in a world that thrives on compassion. ❤️

    Because not all Ukrainian families could attend the event due to their settlement across Aotearoa, they can request that a copy of the Aroha for Ukraine book be mailed to them anywhere in the country, free of charge. Therefore, we've kept this page open to help cover postage costs.

    For Ukrainian arrivals in NZ, request a copy of the book:

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  • Launch Party on 12 August!

      14 July 2023

    We are extremely delighted to confirm that the Aroha for Ukraine launch party will be held on Saturday 12 August in Grey Lynn, Auckland, in order to disseminate the physical copies of the book to Ukrainian families and children! This will be a family friendly event with speeches from distinguished guests, some kai/food, and entertainment for the children. If you are available to attend, you are very welcome and we will be very happy to see you at the event.

    Please visit the following link in order to submit your registration to this event (noting that it is a free event but spaces are limited!):

    Thank you very much to all donors for making this project a reality <3. We did it all with your support!

    Kindest regards

    Mahi for Ukraine team

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  • Update #1 - Thank you for your Aroha and Next Steps

      3 May 2023

    Dear donors

    We wanted to send you our first update regarding our fundraising efforts as well as to express our gratitude for your support towards Aroha for Ukraine.

    As of today's date, we have raised just over $1,200 via GiveALittle and we have also separately secured just over $2,400 to support our initiative. As a result, at the time of writing this update, we have received just over $3,600 in donations in my bank account. What a fantastic effort! Thank you all so much for your donations and for spreading the word about this initiative within your communities and workplaces! Your support means so much to us and encourages us to keep going!

    By way of another super amazing update, we received the most generous offer from a printer in Wellington to print the copies of the book Aroha for Ukraine at no charge! Thank you "Your Books" - a division of Red Shift for your offer!! Your fantastic support to print the books for us means we are now able to start planning the Aroha for Ukraine book launch event in Auckland with the view of disseminating the copies of books to the Ukrainian families! Yay!

    Given the above, we will now commence with preparing a to-do list of all tasks that ought to occur to give effect to a meaningful launch event for the Aroha for Ukraine book, starting with securing a venue in Auckland CBD (ideally) as well as a date for the event. We will keep you informed regarding our progress!

    In the meantime, we will keep this page open in order to receive further donations because every donation will go towards shipping/courier costs for the books, costs for the launch event (eg venue/catering), and other related/unforeseen costs in connection with this initiative.

    If you have any questions and/or assistance that you think would be helpful, please feel free to reach out to us by emailing We look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks all

    Viktoriya on behalf of Mahi for Ukraine & Aroha for Ukraine team

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