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Side by Side with Geoff

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Supporting Wairarapa Photographer Geoff Walker with his humanitarian work with the people of Uganda and New Zealand..

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Poverty In Need International Development

Supporting Wairarapa Photographer Geoff Walker's humanitarian

work with the people in war affected Odek sub-county, Gulu District

in Northern Uganda.

Geoff has spent more than a year in Uganda and appreciates your

support in helping him whilst he is working on the Side by Side


A well known Wairarapa photographer with a high community profile

he is taking the Wairarapa spirit to our Ugandan friends.

Geoff's dream is to help the people of Ludok Village in Uganda to

become more self-sufficient and has plenty of ideas to help the

people help themselves. After 20 years of warfare and 10 years in

Internally Displaced Peoples Camps (IDP) they can use a hand to

get back on their feet..... we can be that helping hand.

These projects are not just about Uganda, the Wairarapa will will

gain just as much from connecting our two places.

“We have much to learn from each other!”

Many local schools are engaged and will benefit from the

relationship that Geoff has nurtured between Ludok and the little old


The Lions Clubs of Gulu Metropolitan in Uganda and Greytown are

now working together to empower albinos in Northern Uganda from

Geoff's initiative.

Please support Geoff and the people of Ludok.

You can see more of what is happening at the SidebySide website:

Click here for SidebySide

Page created by:

Nikki King


Technical advisor to the project in regard to marketing and websites / social media and fundraising.

All funds raised benefit:

Geoff Walker


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Geoff Walker.
“Good luck my friend, happy to support your efforts.”
“Thinking of you. Be safe xxx”
“Merry Christmas Geoff. Shout yourself some Christmas cake. Happy Festive season.”
“Happy Christmas Geoff!”
“It's always wonderful to see your photos of daily life in Uganda Geoff. Thank you for all the work you are doing alongside those good people.”
“Go well Geoff.”
“Go Ludok! Go Geoff!”
“Wonderful to see you happy and engaged in Gulu Geoff:)”
“Kia Kaha Geoff”
“Thank you Geoff for all you do !”
  • $1,706.00 donated
  • 22 generous donors

$1,706 donated

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