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Solar Cookers to Vanuatu

  • Sunflairs taken to Women's groups     18 November 2016
    Posted by: eBRIGHT
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    This is Dorosday Watson, She works for the department of Women's affairs, Government of the republic of Vanuatu.

    She saw me cooking in the Sunflair and took a real interest. I left one with her so she can take it to women's meetings. She's a very inspirational motivated lady who is looking to get women into parliament for the first time ever in Vanuatu (currently there are none!).

    The more NiVans can save their food stocks, have healthy snacks without paying for them the better. We hope this will then move forward onto cooking too, this way women won't be sacrificing their health by cooking inside.

    Thanks again for your generous donations.

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  • A few Solar cookers have been donated, thank you! They'd love more!     18 November 2016
    Posted by: eBRIGHT
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    Recently we made a trip to the island of Tanna in beautiful Vanuatu.

    We have sent a few solar cookers over for the locals whom do not have much of an income. They were very excited about dehydrating fruit and were trying new things of their own accord every single day.

    Pictured is Lilian with her children.

    The kids love sundried mangoes, they had never tried them before - much healthier than costly sugar snack alternatives..and free!

    She also plans to sell bags of them in her shop to tourists and locals when they are out of season.

    Thank you so much for the donations to send them over. We are hoping for lots more so we can send many more solar cookers over to other communities.

    Thanks again!

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