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New Zealand committed Treason, leading into the illegal bankruptcy on Returned Veteran`s, in regards to our W.W.1 Soldier`s Holding`s.

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There was an investigation between 1921-1932, into the misuse of Soldier`s Accounts, along with the revaluation on soldiers property, the lack of financial assistance, this was the responsibility of the NZ Land Board to uphold and honour the contract, under the Discharged Soldiers Settlement Act of 1915. The investigation for the illegal bankruptcies by Government on Soldiers Settlement Holdings. There has been no final report on the findings of the investigation into the Land Board by Government todate. Government perverting the course of justice.

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The last 10 years we are the researchers for soldiersclaim. The New Zealand Government has perverted the course of justice by refusing to redress the treasonous activities towards our Returned Veterans. This has been raised in Parliament with supporting documents of evidence. This is a national scandal to the highest form. We can bring justice in memory of our ancestors, who are our heroes, they sacrifice their lifes, to allow us, to have the freedom that we have today. This is the lest we can do with honour and memory for our Veterans. LEST WE FORGET

Use of funds

Funds will only be used for legal representation as research has been completed for a successful outcome, to redress the grievance of the corruption created by Government from 1914 to 2017.

Our website explains this in great detail.

Refer to Government documents.

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    Guest Donor on 07 Aug 2018


    Good luck . Some very impressive research to date.


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    Henry on 01 Nov 2017


    good to see history redress


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    May Justice be served



    WAYNE on 26 Sep 2017



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$55 donated

Given by 5 generous donors in 2 years

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